Decorated Bear Cookies

Are you planning a little mountain vacation?  Don’t leave home without cookies!  These decorated brown bear cookies are the perfect snack for your next cabin retreat.

Brown Bear Cookie Close-UpWhile the rest of the world is turning frogs into princes, I’m transforming them to bears.  All it takes is a little sketching…and this cutter, if it’s not already in your collection.

Brown Bear Cookie SketchTo make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining the cookie as pictured below.  If necessary, use a food safe marker to mark the cookie before piping.

Brown Bear Cookies 1Next, fill each section.  Give the ivory a bit of time to dry before moving on to the brown.  This will prevent bleeding.

Brown Bear Cookies 2While the brown icing is still wet, use tweezers to drop on sugar pearl eyes.  I do this to save time when I don’t want to mix another icing color.  If you don’t have sugar pearls, use regular black icing.

Let the base dry completely…this can take anywhere from four to twenty-four hours, depending on where you live.

Brown Bear Cookies 3To add interest, use a clean cotton swab to apply a tiny bit of color to the cheeks.

Brown Bear Cookies 4Finish up with the following details:

  1. Use flood icing to create ears
  2. Add eyebrows with a #1.5 tip
  3. Use black 20-second icing for the nose
  4. Pipe a “w”-shaped mouth with a small round tip

Brown Bear Cookies 5Since I don’t like lonely cookies, I threw in a few other designs.  I’m pretty sure my brown bear is right at home in his little cookie forest.

Brown Bear Moose Cookie PlatterIf you like these cookies, be sure to check out these links:

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  1. 21
    Asmita says:


  2. 22

    I do know of someone who is planning a mountain vacation and these would for sure be the best surprise send off gift! I love the plaid cookies, so glad they’re part of the forest!

  3. 23
    Christine Shen - Sugar Cravings says:

    This is the cutest set ever!!!! My BIL is a total outdoorsman and these would be the perfect set for him. I’m dying over that moose, though! Will you be doing a tutorial on him? I’m trying to figure out what shape you used for him…a teddy bear? Off to order that plaid stencil now! :)

  4. 24
    Dawn says:

    Good job. You’re very creative and inventive. One can definitely learn a lot from your technique, directions, and pictures. Thank you.

  5. 25
    Jane says:

    I just have to say as a native of New Hampshire currently living in Florida these cookies are AWESOME… almost as awesome as you! In case you haven’t heard it lately… you are one very talented lady! Thank you so much for sharing! HUGS! ~J

  6. 26
    Lia says:

    I have to get that frog cutter!
    I thought I only needed it for the piggy
    but the possibilites are endless as you have shown with the skunk, polar bear, & now this cute guy!

    Can’t wait to see the tutorial on the moose.
    Could that be a gingerbread man hiding under there?

  7. 27

    Bom dia,
    Estou apaixonada pelo seu trabalho, gostaria de receber mais informações, fotos, receitas modo de fazer,
    Como devo proceder aguardo ansiosa pelo seu retorno.



  8. 28

    OK, I was just thinking that I have way too many cutters but now I see there’s one I still NEED. These are so freaking adorable! I can never get over how creative you are with cutters. I have the hardest time visualizing them as anything other than their intended use. Amazing!! And that plaid cookie is awesome. I tried to get the stencil but the link says they’re no longer available. :-( Can you please do a tutorial on how to do a plaid or even a gingham cookie? I can’t figure it out.

  9. 29
    Jody -Coastal Cookie Shoppe says:

    I Love how perfectly they all go together! That plaid stencil is Awesome! And the little tree trunk cookies- perfect!! Awesome set!

  10. 30
    Candied Nuts says:

    Woww. Its lovely. Thanks for sharing..


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