Simple Tropical Leaf Cookies

Simple accent cookies are a great way to stretch cookie platters.  They’re tasty and adorable but far less labor intensive than other designs.

One of my favorites are these simple tropical leaves.  They only take a minute to make and work with a variety of themes.  They can be made with a few different cutters such as a paisley, simple leaf, or football.

Ali's Animal CookiesTo make these leaves you will need:

  • Green 20-second icing

Begin by outlining half of the leaf with 20-second icing.

Tropical Leaf Cookies 2Use icing to make a few holes in the leaf and quickly flood the entire section {except for the holes} so that everything runs together.

Tropical Leaf Cookies 3

After the icing has set repeat the previous steps on the second half of the cookie.

Tropical Leaf Cookies 4As I mentioned before there are several shapes that will work very well for tropical leaves.  Chances are you already have what you need.

Tropical Leaf Cookies 5Let the cookies dry and mix with other designs.  They’re a quick way to add color and interest to any platter.

Jungle Animal Cookies 2

For fun coordinating cookie ideas, check out the helpful tutorials below:

Have a great weekend cookie friends!

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  1. 11

    Oh, I wish that I had seen this before I did mine! Love these, Callye! Your whole set is wonderful!

  2. 12
    TriciaZ says:

    These are perfect! Thanks for the leaf tutorial!

    • 12.1
      Juan says:

      posts…gosh tried several times…and here i m…cookies love goeruogs …hridays fav things car,airplane and above all BALL…haha

  3. 13
    Connie Donald says:

    Hi Callye!
    We love these cookies! What cutter/cutters did you use for the zebra heads?

  4. 14
    Samantha says:

    Used this last night to create minis! I love the way yours look Callye! They are just perfect!

  5. 15
    Kirsten says:

    I’ve been thinking about Lion cookies for something fun to bring to one of my LIONS CLUB meetings. While not at all what your tutorial is about, this set gives me a good guide for making the lions. Can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks so much for all that you share with us!

  6. 16

    Can you tell me what Cookie cutters you used to make these jungle animal faces? They are so cute but I cannot find anything like the elephant face or zebra to work with. Thank you for your time.

  7. 17
    Marie Bustamante says:

    Awesome work! What amazes me the most is how identical your cookie designs are! Lions looks exactly the same, just as the elephants do….that is serious art talent!

  8. 18
    Kristin Moriarty says:

    Hello, I am wanting to have a jungle theme for my sons 2nd birthday and would like to try to make the lion cookies, do you have a recipe posted anywhere?

    Thank you

  9. 19
    Kari Prichard says:

    Did anyone find out which cookie cutters were used to do the above cookies? I know they are often not ones you would think that could be transformed into amazing animals like these. Just curious as I have safari animal cookies due next week. Thanks everyone.


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