Cookies with Kids {Simple Jack O’ Lanterns}

Ahhhh…the life of mom.  Busy, busy, busy, and sometimes {or maybe often} a little {or a lot} behind.  Especially this year.

It worked out that I was going to be out of town during Halloween, so before I left, I wanted to do something fun with my kids.  Since I’m always decorating cookies that they can’t touch, I thought it would be fun to let them help for a change.

When it comes to cookie-ing with kids, it’s not about perfection.  It’s about quality time and having fun.  Kids will always use too much icing, go overboard with the sprinkles, and cover every empty surface with food color marker, so the most important thing is to relax and encourage their creativity.

Start by outlining and flooding pumpkin cookies and letting them dry overnight.  If you need the recipe for my basic sugar cookies or royal icing, click on the appropriate link.

Next, gather up the kiddos {and maybe a few of their friends} and let them use black food color markers to decorate the cookies.

There will be giggles, creativity, and fun all-around.

I love the look of intense concentration.

Especially the “mouth wide open” expression here.  I think it helps keep his hand steady or something.

I love seeing what they came up with.  We ended up with an ode to the Aggies {plus a few Longhorns so Dad wouldn’t be sad}.

A beautiful princess {keep looking, you’ll see it}

And some very happy cookie artisans.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

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  1. 21
    Sally says:

    That is such a great idea looks like they had a lot of fun, I think my two are a little small yet. I’d have cookie smushed up everywhere and my 1 year old would have the pen in his mouth, but thank you because I will store that idea up my sleeve! I love your blog by the way, your cookies inspire me to be more than a baker but a decorator too.

  2. 22
    Mercedes says:

    biutiful, is pretty

  3. 23

    ADORABLE! My favorite are the little fingers of babes. Super cute! Have fun on your trip. I can imagine the excitement everyone is feeling to meet you!

  4. 24

    This is such a great idea!

  5. 25
    Gail says:

    OMG, I love the looks on the kids’ faces! SO adorable, Callye!

  6. 26
    Paula says:

    Love it when the little ones can get involved in the decorating and they do too! Great pictures of the little artists at work. Looks like a great time was had before Mom had to leave :)


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