Pretty Cake Stand Cookies

Sometimes one little detail can make an ordinary cookie cutter extraordinary.  By combining two everyday cutters I completely  changed the look of this wedding cake cookie.

I used a simple Wilton cake cutter and used a small triangle from this set {which is very handy to have around} to add a stand.

Bake together and decorate and you’ll have beautiful cookies like these!

You can also use other cutter combos to make cake stand cookies.  I combined a top hat and mini-kiss cutter {both from Hobby Lobby} for a more whimsical look.

Decorating them is simple.  Just remember, it’s all about layering.

  1. Use sea foam green 20-second icing to create a cake stand.
  2. Give the stand 20 minutes to dry, then used ivory flood icing to create the cake layers.
  3. After another 20-30 minutes of dry time, use brown 20-second icing for the frosting.
  4. Add a few pretty details to the cake plate with green piping icing.
  5. Finish up with pretty accent flowers in white and pink.  I used a #1.5 tip.

I didn’t do a step-by step tutorial because this is a simple design that leaves a lot of room for creativity.  I cannot wait to see your version.  Speaking of creativity, my friend Lisa, The Bearfoot Baker has also created a GORGEOUS cake stand cookie.  You should hop on over and take a look!

I hope everyone is surviving graduation cookie season!

Happy Baking!

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  1. 41

    How wonderfully clever!

  2. 42
    marjore d. says:

    You are a very talented & amazing women thanks for teaching me. God bless you & your family

  3. 43
    Patricia Ortiz says:

    I am a brand new beginner, and when I say beginner I mean, never done this type of art and creativity before. I want to say I am blown away by all the amazing cookie designs. I started 2 days ago, and being the ‘perfectionist’ that I am I’m very frustrated, because of course I want the cookies to come out like yours:( they didn’t. I know The more I do,the better I’ll get at it. I want to thank you for all the helpful videos, tips and info., and II hope one day to make at least one nice looking cookie. Keep making and sharing thanks!

  4. 44

    My husband thanks you for saving him money :). I have had cake stand cutters on my wish list from Ecrandal. I can’t believe I never thought to make my own. It’s something that makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

    Your cakes are so stunning! You are so right that the possibilities are endless for this style of cakes. I definitely want to make some of these in the near future.

  5. 45
    Blogghidee says:

    You’re really good!

  6. 46

    These are adorable!!

  7. 47
    Lark says:

    Oh My Flipping Heck! These have got to be the cutest cookies I have seen in a long time!
    Thank you so much for sharing how to make them..I will be doing this SOON!

  8. 48
    Zina says:

    Your work is absolutely amazing!!! I’ve never made a sugar cookie in my life but you have inspired me to make some Tomorrow!!! lol I can’t wait to try some of your recipes and tutorials! What lens do you use in these pics? Absolutely stunning!! Thank you for sharing! Z

  9. 49
    Rosanina says:

    Wow! These cupcakes are too cute. I love all of your fantastic ideas, they truly inspire me and my daughter to get in there and get cooking! We have now mastered your sugar cookie recipe and are excited to try out some of the awesome ideas for decorating. Thank you for your resourceful, cool blog.

  10. 50
    georgette says:

    your sugar recipe was good I was wondering if you have a recipe for cut outs that are like a bakery 1/4 thick an melt in your mouth thanks do you also have a cookbook with all your great ideas in


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