Pretty Rainbow Cookie Favors

In real life I made these cookies for one of my best friends as favors for her daughter’s rainbow party .  But in blog life we’re going to pretend like they say “GOOD LUCK” and talk about what great St. Patrick’s cookies they would be.

I made these with a small rectangle cutter like THIS, and a scalloped oval which I made from a squished circle as you can see HERE.

Once baked, they will look like this.  By the way, this is also a great way to make POPCORN COOKIES.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • piping and flood icing in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white
  • piping icing in purple

Just a little tip…To save time you can do all the outlining in white and make only flood icing for the rest of the colors, along with purple purple icing.  The world will not end if the cookie is outlined in white.

That said, I am a little high strung, so I make all the colors.  I know y’all understand.

Anyway, begin by making the colors so the rainbow stripes are evenly spaced.  Next, outline the cloud area.

At this point, you can outline the stripes.  There are two options for this.  Since I planned on personalizing the cookies with purple icing, I excluded it in the stripes. If you aren’t planning adding writing go ahead and use all six.

Next fill the stripes in alternating sections.  Fill one area, wait awhile, then fill the rest.  To reduce or eliminate cratering use 20-second icing and the tips I suggested HERE.

Now you’ll probably notice a little glitch in the tutorial right about now.  It’s because I made these over the course of two days, and forgot to take photos the first.  Pretend the cloud is not filled, and that after the rainbow has had a bit to dry you flooded it LAST!

See?  It’s all about pretending today.  Once the cookie has dried completely {a few hours to overnight} outline the cloud with white piping icing.

Immediately sprinkle them with white non-pareils.  Of course, you can also add sanding sugar {for instructions click HERE} or nothing at all.  I was just in a non-pareil mood.

You can personalize these in any way you like.  I wrote Gracie, of course, but good luck would work well also.

I’ve also made a round version of these cookies which you can see HERE.  Same concept, however this time I mashed a mini-flower and used it to piece together a custom shape.

They went pretty well with my little leprechaun guys!

For more rainbow cookie ideas, check out my pot of gold cookies and my rainbow “almost” tie-dye cookies.

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am!  Just kidding, in a not kidding way.

But seriously, things aren’t always so bad as they seem, which is kind of an appropriate observation considering today’s cookies.  What better than a rainbow to symbolize hope?

Have a great week my friends!

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    Jo Floridia says:

    When you use two separate cookie cutters and put them together do they stay together after baking? For example, your beautiful Rainbow Cookies with the clouds on them. I want to make a popcorn box and your recommendation to use that idea is perfect!


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