Leprechaun Cookies

Nothing new here today.  I’m actually worried this might bore you, but with St. Paddy’s day coming and all, I didn’t think a quick leprechaun cookie post would be too terrible of an idea.

I can pretty much use any cutter to make leprechaun cookies, as I talked about HERE, but this is my new fave.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the most useful cutters I own.

I’ve used it for Santa cookies, nutcrackers, pilgrims, wheat bundles, scarecrows, and even Frankenstein.

Anyway, once the cookies are baked, the rest is pretty simple.  To make these, you will need:

  • green outlining and flood icing
  • black outline and flood icing
  • burn orange outline and flood icing
  • fleshtone 20-second icing {For help with fleshtone, click HERE}
  • yellow 20-second icing
  • black candy beads

If you aren’t sure what 20-second icing is, click HERE.

Begin by outlining the cookie as shown below.  Give that a few minutes to dry, then use fleshtone 20-second icing for the face.  Quickly drop in two candy beads for eyes.

Let the face dry for about 30 minutes to an hour, then come back and fill in the beard and hatband.  I always fill in alternating sections to prevent bleeding.

Finally fill on the rest of the cookie and let dry overnight.

The next day, add the details.  I used a #1.5 PME for most of them EXCEPT for the nose and hatband which I did with 20-second icing.  I think my favorite thing about this guy is his bushy brows.  They kind of make him.

This leprechaun can stand alone, but he also looks great mixed with other cookies.

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but like I said, any cutter will work.  here’s a quick idea of how I made the same cookie with an old basket cutter I have…

See?  The same, but different.  You get the idea!

I love using random cutters to make leprechaun cookies. For more  ideas, click HERE or Lila Loa also has a great version on her blog that I like.  You can see that one by clicking HERE.

If you need help finding the cutter I used, you can find it HERE, and trust me, you NEED this cutter.  We’ll be using it again in a few short days.

Anyway, not much new here.  I had a doozie of a cold last week so today I am just glad to be alive and starting a new week!  I hope you all have a happy Monday!