Angry Red Bird {Part 3)

Finally, here’s part three in my Angry Bird series, Angry Red Bird. Do any of you recognize what cutter I used to make him?

If you guessed a BALLOON, you guessed right!
To make angry red bird, you will need:
  • red, orange, ivory, black, and white flood icing
  • black piping icing for outline
  • black food color pen {I prefer Americolor for this project}
Let’s get this show on the road!
Let the outline dry.  Complete step two?.

Soon after adding the eyes, move on to step three


Let them dry for about twenty minutes, then you are ready for step four.

You are now ready to add the beak.  I free handed mine by googling him on my Ipad and using it as a guide while I piped.  I also forgot to point out that this is where I added the unibrow!

Soon afterward fill the middle part of the beak.  Let this dry for about thirty minutes, more if you have problems with your black icing bleeding.

Finally, use the orange flood icing to fill the last little bit of the beak.

Finally, after the cookie has completely dried, use the black food color marker to go around the eyes.
Tada!  There you have it!
Here’s the whole crew…I mean the ones I made…there are many many more!
If you want to learn how to make Angry Yellow Bird, click {HERE}.
If you’d like to learn how to make Angry Green Pig, click {HERE}.
Now I have to brag a little.  My friend Landa, who specializes in making original cookies made the most awesome Angry Bird collection which you can see on her blog, Baking with Landa.  ?She completely went beyond the basic characters and made a whole darn collection for her kiddos.  Those are some LUCKY boys!
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  1. 11
    alyssa says:

    I really want to try to make these for my son’s angry bird themed birthday party. I was wondering what recipe you use for the icing so that it hardens and looks so great with those colors?

  2. 12
    Eva says:

    I really want to make these for my 4 year old son that LOVES to play Angry Birds on my phone!
    Did you use 20 second icing when you mention “flood icing” in your list of supplies?
    Thanks so much!

  3. 13
    D.J. says:

    This person on ebay has taken your angry bird cookies photo, removed your logo, and is using it to sell their cookie cutters.. Thought you should know:


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