Angry Birds Part 2 {Yellow Bird}

If that’s not really his name, I’m sorry.  I was serious when I said that I’ve never played.  I let my son pick the next to be posted, and he chose yellow, because he thought we should save the best {red bird} for last.  So, yellow it is.

For this little guy, I used a Hershey Kiss cutter I got from Hobby Lobby over Valentine’s Day…if you don’t have that one, just use a balloon and lop of the bottom or you can even hand cut if you’d like.

To make Angry Yellow Bird you will need:

  • Black piping consistency frosting for outlining
  • Ivory, white, black, red, yellow and orange flood consistency RI {I forgot to include ivory in the photo}

To begin, I outlined the shape of yellow bird in black

After giving the outline at least thirty minutes to dry, I used ivory to add the tummy area, white for eyes, and filled in the head feathers and dotted the eyes with black.

When I am working on a character cookie, I usually leave my laptop open beside me so I can look at the picture while I work.  You can also use your mobile phone, OR, print out the image.  Regardless, I find it REALLY helps to have an image to refer to.

Let this dry for another 30 minutes, and then fill the rest of the cookie with yellow flood icing.

At this point the cookie needs to dry for 4-5 hours.

Finally, I added the facial details.  I used black icing to outline the area where I planned on putting the beak, and red flood icing for angry red eyebrows. 

Then after allowing the beak outline to dry for a bit, I filled it with orange. 

When that was completely dry, I used a black food color pen to outline the eyes and fix his beak. See how it ran together a little bit?  All it takes is a swipe with a black marker and problem solved.
Tada!  Angry yellow bird. 
Just in case you missed the how-to on Angry Green Pig, you can check it out {HERE}.