Mini Tutorial: Filling Pastry Bags

I get a lot of questions on this topic, so I decided to do a quick video.  My way isn’t really the only way, it’s just what works for me.  Actually, that’s almost the best tip I know.  I can tell you what I do, but that isnt the only way. The key is taking that information and turning it into what works best for you!  =)
Its a little long winded according to my husband, but I hope it helps! I’d also like to recommend another great blog post by my friend Marian at Sweetopia on staying organized while decorating.  This is not my forte, although my intentions are good…Thank goodness for an organized husband!

Today, I have a  few cookies and some fun Sunday stuff to share.
I had this wet on wet idea for Fancy Nancy’s hair, so I had to try it.  I REALLY like the result. 

I made these cookies for my neighbor’s son.  I think this might have been my first crack at Mickey…?
This is another fun use for your Christmas ornament cutter.  It can also be done with a balloon cutter, but I like the round head better. Although, the more I think about it, the balloon might be more accurate =)?

This was my fun find of the week.  I couldn’t leave this one behind!  Too bad they didn’t have a boy version! It almost makes me want to skip the expensive uncomfortable Christmas dress!  All from discount stores, and my precious SugarBelle wears it well.

And finally, I wanted to share this cool tip I learned from my friend Keri, many many years ago… if you overbake your cookies a little, OR, if you just want to keep them fresh and soft, use this trick.  Store them in an airtight container with a slice of bread. It works every time!

  Have a good Sunday, everyone!

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  1. 11
    Lindsey says:

    Oh and care to share where you found the cute cookie outfit? I'd love to get it for my daughter too! Your daughter looks adorable!!

  2. 12
    Soph says:


  3. 13
    Dawn says:

    Just looked up PME tips, but the numbers are all funny. I typically use #2 and #3 wilton. What is the PME equivalent? I just LOVE how your icing fell out of the tips on the zebra striping tutorial. I can totally see the difference!!!! Also, where do you get those bottles? My bottles do not seem as flexible and I always resort to using the bags for more control. So much to learn!!!!!

  4. 14
    Cathy says:

    Thanks for a great tutorial. My questions are the same as Lindsey's and Dawn's. Do you just add a small amount of water to get to piping consistency and then more for flooding?

  5. 15
    Kate H.( says:

    This was a wonderful tutorial. I'm so glad you shared the trick about cutting the bag. I too took the wilton class, where they taught the other way you mentioned. I totally lost all my icing more than one time when the tip fell out, ha ha!

  6. 16
    Christina says:

    You should do a tutorial on how you did the fancy nancy cookie, it looks so good! How did you do the coloring on it??

  7. 17
    Amber says:

    Great video! Just wanted to let you know that I found a ton of cute little spatulas like that at Williams Sonoma. They even have Christmas ones right now with little gingerbread men and peppermints on them. They come on a little ring and there are 3 of them (I think $12 for the 3). They are my absolute favorite spatulas!!!

  8. 18
    Naeco-Taisho says:

    Hi, i’m french. I just want to tell you how much your amazing ^o^ I try my first Wilton cake saturday for the 4├ęth birthday of my husband. Im sure with your tips, to have a great cake ^o^
    Really thank you for your blog , and go ahead, you have a french fan ^o^