Lace Cookies

It didn’t even occur to me that is was December until I started reading all of my networking sites this morning! ARGHHH! It was bound to happen. I am BEHIND. I have a cookie I could post for today, but I just don’t like him…poor Peanut…maybe he can hang out on my FlickrPage. As for me, I will have to resort to plan B today. I have a lot of old favorite cookie collections that haven’t made it back onto the new blog. I told myself that if I ever got dreadfully behind, I would use it as an opportunity to get those back up. So…here you go.

I named these cookies the Opal collection after my great-grandmother Opal who used to make crocheted satin Christmas ornaments, that looked much like these! Neither she nor my mom ever successfully taught me to knit or crochet, but I sort of made my own way, I crochet with icing, LOL!
Since I feel bad for letting everyone down on the cookie-a-day thing, I plan on making it up to everyone! Stay tuned for a giveaway, and a tutorial. December has really put me in the giving mood, and I am planning giveaways all month long!

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  1. 11
    cookies and cups says:

    GOrgeous, as usual!

  2. 12
    Anne says:

    If my cookies came out 1/2 as good as yours…..I'D BE THRILLED!
    Fantastic job! so inspiring.

  3. 13
    Linda Fike says:

    These lacy guys are beautiful. I’ve been looking at your creations off and on all day. Loved the ice cream cones, especially the one you “dropped” I would have never thought of that! How wonderfully creative you are. You inspire me.

  4. 14
    Maya says:

    Ahhh beautiful colours and laces! Everytime I see those colours, i am so tempted to try royal icing but I don’t dare! Can I just half the 101 royal icing recipe for a smaller quantity and what type of colouring should I use?


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