Happy New Year

Hola, everyone!  It’s 2015 and I’m obviously a little late to the party.

Usually, I’m on top of a new year…I love new beginnings and clean slates, but this year I needed some downtime.  After three weeks of Christmas cookies, I was ready for a break.  Who knew I’d ever look forward to cleaning house?

After getting our living space in order (or as much order as possible with four kids) I spent some real, (unplugged) quality time with my family. Now I truly feel refreshed.

This year, instead of a long list of goals and plans, I kept my resolutions pretty simple.

Personally, I plan to stop taking on more than I can manage and try to live more “in the moment” rather than always waiting on what’s next.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking about the future, but sometimes I miss the important things because I’m daydreaming about what’s yet to come.

My blogging goals have also changed a bit.  Somewhere along the way, my cookie adventure became a job, and as we all know, sometimes jobs aren’t fun.  This year I want to stop taking things so seriously and rewind to the time when I made cookies for the sheer enjoyment they brought to my life.

I’m looking forward to inspiring and being inspired by the many talented and creative people I’ve met along the way and I truly love that I have a place to share my experience and ideas with others. I am very excited about what this year will bring.

So…there’s that. Now, back to the star of this show.

Happy New Year CookiesHappy 2015, everyone!