Storing Templates and Kopykake Images

Brace yourselves for a little a walk through my world.  My messy, unorganized cookie world.  This isn’t a pretty post, but functional isn’t always pretty.

I want to start out by saying that I have never been known for my organizational skills.  Until recently, this is how my cookie templates and Kopykake images were stored.  Looks okay from this angle but open a drawer and there’s a nightmare inside.

Organizing Cookie TemplatesSadly, although I saved almost every template/image I use, I often ended up reprinting  because I couldn’t find anything in this mess.

Kopykake TemplatesOne day I mentioned my problem to my dear friend Lisa {who is exceptionally organized} and she shared the perfect solution.  All it took was a few packages of photo album pocket pages, a three three ring binder, and some alphabetized dividers to forever change my world.

Organzing cookie templates 2Sorting through the initial mess was kind of hellish {I paid my poor sister-in-law to do it} but now finding a specific template is a breeze.  Simply flip to the correct tab and each theme is neatly stored in its own little pocket.

Storing Cookie Templates

As far as categories go, I organized them in a manner that makes sense to me so I can find them quickly.   For example, I filed Snow White behind the letter “S”.  This makes perfect sense to me but it might be more logical to someone else to put it behind the Disney tab.  Do what works best for you.

When I finished I was able to fit three drawers worth of templates into a three inch binder.  Now to find something new to put in the drawers.  Stencils perhaps?  I’m only kidding.  Sort of.

Cookie Organization

Speaking of stencils, my friend Heather also uses a photo album to store hers.  Clean and neat.  Just the way my husband I like things!

Cookie Stencil Storage via SugarNosh Treats

Do you have an organizational tip to share?  Tell me all about it.  I need all the help I can get.  For more tips, be sure to check out these posts: