Simple Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies

Here’s another great idea for those of you looking to make Minnie Mouse cookies minus the stress of her actual face.  They’re super simple and you probably already have the perfect cutter.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 1

Almost any butterfly cutter makes a convincing Minnie bow, the key is to sketch your design before beginning the decorating process.  I grabbed six random cutters from my butterfly bin and was able to make each of them work.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 2

  1. d.
  2. b. {my fave}
  3. f.
  4. a.
  5. c.
  6. e.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Soft pink piping and flood icing
  • White flood icing

Begin by outlining the cookie suing a #2 tip.  One of the most important elements of a convincing Minnie Mouse bow is remembering to include the middle knot.  If you outline the cookie exactly it’s going to look like a butterfly.  This one little detail completely transforms the design.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 3

When the cookies are outlined fill with pink flood icing {don’t overfill or the icing will run over the side} then quickly add dots to the wet pink icing.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 4

Let the cookies dry completely {overnight is good} then pipe the details from your sketch.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 5

If you’re up to the challenge, add a Minnie Mouse cookie or two.  I found this one on Ebay.  I haven’t seen many of them online lately but you can always handcut using a paper template or add a mini-bow to a regular Mickey cookie.

Minnie Mouse Bow Cookies 6

Since I know some of you will ask, I don’t have a Minnie Mouse face tutorial.  Sorry about that.  In the meantime here are a few posts that might interest you: