Indian Corn Icing Palette

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but I love color.  I get almost as much pleasure out of creating icing colors than the actual cookie decorating.

On this week’s agenda…Indian corn.  In addition to the obvious choices, I added plum and teal to spice things up.

I use Americolor brand gel paste to color my icing.  My favorite places to pick it up are Country Kitchen Sweet Art and Global Sugar Art.  Here are the colors I used to create my Indian corn palette {mixed with approximately 1/2 cup of white royal icing}.

  1. Dark Chocolate Brown- 8 drops chocolate brown, 2 drops super black, 1 drop egg yolk yellow
  2. Warm Autumn Brown- 14 drops warm brown, 3 drops chocolate brown, 5 drops ivory, 2 drops egg yolk yellow
  3. Burnt Orange- 9 drops tulip red, 4 drops egg yolk yellow, 2 drops warm brown
  4. Mellow Yellow- 4 drops egg yolk yellow, 2 drops gold {or 3-4 ivory if you don’t have gold}
  5. Indian Turquoise- 3 drops teal, 3 drops ivory
  6. Pretty Plum- 9 drops regal purple,  4 drops super red, 1 drop of chocolate brown

For tips on working with brown icing colors, click HERE.

Here are a few examples of the look you can get using these colors.  I love the plum…but I think turquoise will always be my fave.  Then again, there’s nothing quite like the original.

In any case, they all make for beautiful cookies.

I am super excited for Thanksgiving.  There’s about to be a lot of cooking happening around here!  What are your favorite fall colors? I’d love to hear!

Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing weekend.