Olympic Gold Medal Cookies

These should be some sort of law requiring people to snack while watching the Olympics.  It’s impossible to view that much strenuous activity without it rubbing off, right?   As a matter of fact, I’ll take it a step further and propose that baking should be the newest Olympic sport.  I mean, if curling counts than rolling should too.  Maybe not, but  in any case you’ll need sustenance.  I recommend cookies, of course.

I don’t own a medal cutter {believe it or not} so I came up with several combos that could work.  I think my favorite is the tie/circle combo {last photo}.

I acquired these cutters over time so some of them are no longer available.  You can find the rest by clicking on the following links: small gift tag, toothpaste, tie, coffin, and tombstone.

There are two key elements to baking shapes together.  First, make sure there is a large amount of surface area touching and second let the cookies cool completely before moving them around.

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by dividing the top of the cookie into thirds and outlining each section.

Its best to let the sections dry a bit before moving on to the next color.  This will prevent the colors from bleeding into one another.  For added protection, you can also use an oscillating fan for drying.  Trust me, it works.

Pretend there is a picture of me adding the blue stripe here.  I didn’t think y’all would miss it.

At this point let the ribbon dry for a bit then use a round cookie cutter to pre-mark the circle.  You can do this with a marker, but these days I have taken to using a needle tool…especially with white.   When the marker matches the icing it’s not really a big deal, but food color markers tend to bleed into the wet icing which is no bueno when you’re working with white.

Just be sure to dust off the crumbs with a paintbrush before piping or the cookie or your perfect circle might be a little wonky, LOL!  Normally, mistakes like this really get my bloomers in a bundle, but since I was going to add a border I let it go…this time.

Anywho, outline the circles, fill with white, and let them dry completely.

The circles need to be 100% dry before applying luster dust or the icing might pit.  I use Everclear {thanks Landa} to apply lustre dust, but if “almost moonshine” makes ya nervous, use vanilla.  It all works.

After adding the luster dust, use a star tip and stiff white icing {13-16} to add a shell border.  If you want to see what a shell border is REALLY supposed to look like, click on over and visit Bridget.  She’s got the shell border thing down.

For a quick how-to on applying lustre dust click here.  If the gold is a little translucent the first time around, don’t panic.  Another coat should fix ya right up.

Let the border dry then give it a little coat {or three} or gold luster.  See the difference an extra coat makes?

Let them dry and you’ll have cookie fit for a gold medalist or an overexerted spectator, whoever gets there first.

I made these cookies as part of the Olympic Party Roundup on the Miss Candyquik Blog.  You will have to head on over to see 19 more inspiring Olympic-themed treats! I especially like the idea of attaching ribbon to simple gold cookies or crackers.  So easy, but SOOOOOOOOOOOOO very cute.

I missed Monday {orthodontist must’ve ate it} so happy Tuesday, everyone!  Hope y’all are having a wonderful week.