Floral Monogram Cookies

Pardon the bad photos.  This is another “spring cleaning” post.  I held onto this one because the photos don’t quite do the cookies justice, but you get the idea…

I came up with this design as a way to make a simple monogram cookie a little more special.  To make these cookies you will need:

  • ivory piping and flood icing
  • printout or stencil of the desired letter or number and a pushpin
  • yellow 20-22 second icing
  • brown 20-22 second icing
  • white piping icing
  • stiff green piping icing with a #65s tip

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie.  Let it dry completely {overnight} before moving onto the next step.

The next day, use a stencil or print out and the pushpin trick to mark where the letter will be.  I prefer printouts over stencils because they are inexpensive, and there are endless possibilities.  My favorite resource for fun fonts is Fontspace.  They have 17,300 fonts and counting so I ALWAYS find something I like.  It helps to trim the paper close to the letter so it can be easily positioned on the cookie.

Once the cookies are marked, it’s time to add flowers.  Start with the petals then add middles.  Be sure to work in sections so that the flowers do not run into one another and make a blobby mess.  I used a #1.5 tip for everything.

Let the first section dry for 20-30 minutes then fill in the blank spaces with a few more flowers.  Give them a few minutes to set, then use white piping icing to fill in any open spaces that are too small to accommodate more flowers.

To finish up, add itty bitty accent leaves with a #65s tip.  If you don’t have one of these, I highly recommend getting a few.  I LOVE mine!

See how tiny they are?!  Once all the blank spaces are filled, you’re finished!

Here’s another set of cookies I made using this way.  This is a much better example of what you can create using this technique.  The floral sixes are STILL some of my favorite cookies that I’ve made.

Of course, you can dress the cookies up a little by adding a border of some kind, but even plain {and poorly photographed} they still make a beautiful cookie.

Is everyone out for summer vacation yet?  If you are, I hope you’re enjoying it.  If not, it’s coming soon!  I hope it brings plenty of time for baking.

Have a great day and see you back here soon!