Messy Me!

There are two kinds of decorators.  Neat and organized or messy, like me.  I am SOOOOOOO messy I might even qualify for an award! Before every new project I make sure my kitchen is completely clean. By the way, in Texas, even the television is friendly…

And then I do this…

And this…

I’m not sure when I decided empty bottles should be flower nail holders, or my Nanny’s potholder an icing rag.

This sad thing is, this could all be prevented by simply laying down a vinyl tablecloth.  Yet somehow it doesn’t feel like I’ve worked unless I sling a little icing around.  I think I may need a 12 step program.

So there you have it.  The true story of how I can make a 360 degree kitchen mess {as in you can turn a full circle and find something on every single surface}.

Sometimes even my dining room isn’t immune.

Anyone want to guess how I am spending MY Saturday?

So, how do you work?  Are you messy {like me} or neat and organized?  You’ve seen my workspace, now it’s your turn.  Show me if you dare!

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PPS-My husband *may* have cleaned up this mess which was made for “blogging purposes”.