St. Patrick’s Day Cookies Lila Loa Style {Guest Post}

I am so excited about today’s guest that I am tempted to list all the reasons I think she’s great.  But since I’m pretty sure you’ll immediately see why she’s so cool, I’ll spare you.
Besides being funny, Georgeanne also makes the best chocolate roll-out cookie EVER!  Oops, there I go rambling.  I’ll stop.  Go read.
When I was growing up, one of my neighbors kept their snacks in clear plastic containers on the counter. I wanted to live there so I could look at them. And eat them. I didn’t even LIKE Cheese Nips, but I knew if I tried THEIR Cheese Nips it would be different. And the pretzels? I was pretty sure those would taste like a dream come true. Not like the pretzels at my house. My parents kept their pretzels in the bag. Callye’s blog is like that. I just want to live in her blog so I can look at it. And maybe eat some cookies. But mostly, just look at them. Also, my neighbors had the BEST smelling hand soap that ever existed. And I can say with some degree of certainty that if blogs were scented — this blog right here would smell like a tropical vacation mixed with candy. And by that I mean….HI! My name is Georganne. I make cookies over at LilaLoa. Today I made some leprechaun hat cookies for you. Technically, I made them tomorrow since I live in Korea and I did all of this before most of you even had this day.
I don’t actually have a leprechaun hat cutter. And I probably wouldn’t be able to find it if I did. So I just used a regular ol’ circle cutter to cut out the hats. Cut a circle just like you would if you were, umm, cutting out a circle. Then use the same cutter to cut into each side. If you do it right, you can just keep cutting circles until it makes a big circle of…circles. Or, until you run out of cookie dough.
I don’t actually decorate cookies the way most of the cookie world does. I simply cannot outline and flood. I think it might be a genetic defect that I inherited from my uncle or something. But since most of you do…I attempted to create the cookie both ways. (But seriously, don’t laugh, okay?) So if you outline and fill, start by, you know…outlining. If you are on the weird team like me, grab your 12-15 count icing and get ready. (PS – If you ARE on my team, “weird” is just another way of saying the “other cool.”)
Fill in the top and bottom first. Let that dry for about 20 minutes and then fill in the main part of the hat. I’m not too worried about the black and the green bleeding in to each other, so after another 20 minutes, go ahead and fill in the black band. At this point though, you should really slow down and take a look at your life. Think about the things that make you happy. Maybe write a thank you note or something. Probably, you should make it a long one because you’re going to want to wait at least 4 hours before piping on that yellow buckle. And then the cookies are done. Finished. Completed.
Maybe if I hide in a closet Callye won’t notice that I’m still here. Do blogs have closets? I think they should. I can think of all sorts of fun things I would like to keep in my blog closet. You know, like cookies and snacks in see-through containers and maybe a pinata. You never know when you are going to need one of those.
See, I told y’all she was cool!  Hope everyone had a great week.  Thank goodness Friday is here!
Have a great weekend!
PS, Georgeanne, I will move a few of my pinatas so you can stay in my closet forever.  I’d never be bored!