Cute Little Scarecrow Cookies

Sometimes I feel a teensie bit guilty that I don’t have amusing stories to go along with my cookie posts.

I mean, I’m funny, I think…and I have interesting observations and tidbits.  But what I don’t have is a talent for tying my kid’s weird habits into the cookies I made that day.  Which now that I think about it, may be just as well for you guys.

To be perfectly frank, a lot of the things that I think are funny are just…NOT THAT FUNNY!

So, to make up for my lack of humorous witticisms I try to distract everyone with cute cookie ideas.  I hope it’s working!

Today’s distraction is scarecrow cookies.

I made this scarecrow cookie last year as my entry in the county fair.  Although I loved him, he was a lot of work.  So, I wanted to re-create the same kind of cookie, minus all the hand cutting and color mixing.

To make things easier, I used a cool little Wilton ice cream cutter from this set.  This week has also taught me that it works GREAT for pilgrim cookies too.  If you can’t get your hands on these, I have also used a cupcake cutter to make scarecrows as you can see HERE.

To Make These You Will Need:

  • yellow piping icing {in between piping and 20-second consistency}
  • tan piping and flood icing
  • ivory 20-second icing
  • black candy beads
  • red 20-second icing
  • a tiny bit of green and orange 20-second icing
  • black food color marker
  • pink shade of petal or lustre dust

If you aren’t sure what I mean by 20-second icing, click HERE for in in-depth explanation WITH videos!


To begin, add little bits of straw around the neck area of the scarecrow.  Next, outline the hat and add use ivory 20-second icing to add a “neck”.

Give the neck about twenty minutes to set and add the face.  Immediately drop candy beads into the icing for eyes.  Then fill in the sections of the hat as shown below.

While the hat is still wet, use tan piping icing fitted with a small tip {#1.5} to pipe a straw pattern on the wet icing.  Be sure to only work on a few cookies at a time.  The piping icing will sink into the wet hat icing just a bit, and add texture and dimension to the cookie.

Next, use red 20-second icing to add a hatband, and when that has dried  a bit, add a patch and nose.  At this point the cookies will need to dry overnight.

The next day, add the finishing details.  You can do as few or as many as you like!  If you aren’t sure how to create sweet rosy cheeks with petal dust, click HERE to learn how.

When you are finished, you’ll have a simplified version of my full-bodied scarecrow, minus hand cutting and custom cutters!

I love these guys!

Since I piddled around last week, this week is going to be a little fuller than normal.  Besides a few more ideas from me, I’m also expecting a guest, that I know you will love, so check this SPOT!

Thanksgiving is ON THE WAY!  Beside cookies, there are SEVERAL other wonderful treats to come.  If you cannot tell my all of the exclamation points, I am very excited!  I cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Happy Baking, everyone!