SweetSugarBelle Inspired Cookie Shop by Tricia-Rennea

I’ve been so excited to share this, but it had to be put on hold for a bit while I got my server issues worked out.  But now, I’m back on track, and here it is.  I hope your family enjoys it as much as mine has!

My kids love to help me make cookies, but every once in a while {or maybe more often than that} my little helpers can get in the way.  That’s why I got so excited when I ran across these printables.  I immediately emailed Tricia-Rennea and asked if she would be interested in collaborating with me on a new set based on my cookies.  I couldn’t be more pleased with what she came up with.

The best part is that my kiddos love them even more.  They play cookie shop for hours.  While they are having fun, and I get a little down time too.  We had to add a few heavier items such as a cake stand and cookie sheet because of the wind, but that made it all the more fun.  Before I knew it, we’d moved up to a mixing bowl and an oven.  It was an all day treat.

There was rolling…

and mixing,

and a little decorating.  The girls made sure everyone worked.

They played and played

and did even more decorating.

Boys got oven duty

and a few lessons when needed.

But most of all, they had lots of fun.

I even discovered a cookie decorator in the making.  Something tells me she’s going to be GOOD!

Aside from the paper eating boy, it was a perfect day!

I love it that, when they are finished, we put them in a little box, and the next day do it again.  This set comes with the cutest extras like a cakestand, spatula, cookie sheet, and menu board, but the wind kept taking ours away.  However, you can get the whole set by visiting Trillistrations and requesting your set.

The cutting is good practice for school {I had to help a little} and they’ve played away many hours making cookies just like mom.  In addition to cookies, Tricia also offers pizza, breakfast and a barbeque dinner!  I cannot wait to see what’s next!  Thank you, Tricia, for many fun days, I hope to do it again soon.