Little Red Wagon Cookies

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I just knew when I could do whatever I wanted, WHENEVER I wanted, life would be perfect. What I didn’t consider was the other things adulthood was about. All the un-fun things like bills, washing dishes…you know, THAT stuff.

Most of you have probably noticed that the last two weeks have been pretty crazy around this place. In fact, I would be inclined to describe them as hellish. I could explain, but really, when it’s all said and done, it’s a lot less interesting then cookies, and in time, it won’t matter one bit. The important thing is that I am VERY sorry. It was beyond my control, and I will do my best that it never happens again.

That’s where these cookies come in. Last week I had a lot of extra time to spend with my kiddos. As I watched them play, I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to be little again.

That I remembered my brothers and I, years ago, and our little red wagon.

I’m pretty sure wagons were designed for leisurely strolls, but we used ours to fly.  Up our dirt road, across the old cement pad behind our house, and on one very unfortunate occasion {for my middle brother}, down the embankment of our pond.  In our wagon were speedracers and superheroes.

It was rickety, and every once in a while, we’d crash and burn, but it was fun, and it we were free.

These cookies remind me of those days…

They are super simple to make. Before I began, I dyed the wagon pulls black. I got the idea from my friend Marlyn’s koi post. I mixed vodka and black gel paste in a mini-spray bottle, and misted three inch sticks on both sides. It worked out better than I expected.

I used a trimmed car cookie to make the wagon,

 and inserted a black stick before baking.  If you need to trim your sticks, no biggie, make them work for you.

After these are cool, gather your supplies. You will need:

  • red piping and flood icing
  • black piping icing and a small amount of black flood icing
  • white flood icing
  • red candy pearls

and {optional}

  • green piping and flood icing
  • green edible glitter


To begin, outline the cookie.  I used a #4 tip for the tires and a #2 for everything else.

Next, fill the wagon, and the wheels, quickly adding a red candy bead to the white wheel centers.  Let that dry for a bit, and use a #44 tip to add a lip to the top of the wagon.

After that, fill the neck area, and use a #1.5 tip to finish the edges of the wagon cookies.  You don’t have to do this, but I felt like it needed it.

Let these dry overnight and you’re done, UNLESS you want to make 3-D wagons. 

To make these, use stiff royal icing {preferably green like the grass, even though Miss Lazy over here used white}

Then, use a shelf-stacker inverted onto small bowls {because it’s too tall otherwise}  to support them until they are dry.   When they are 100% dry, outline the base cookie with green icing, flood it, and sprinkle with edible glitter.  After they have dried overnight, they are ready to go.  You can personalize these and use them for place cards, or as table accents.  Regardless, they will be noticed!


I’m still not in a very talkative mood, but let me tell you, I am GLAD TO BE BACK.  Usually when I get stressed, I like to come here, to my little cookie place, talk to all my cookie friends, and let the worries slip away.  But this time, it wasn’t happening. The good news is, I made it through, and it’s going to be fun city  from here on out! 

I missed y’all!


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