My Special Gift From Renee

Look at this sweet little gift I got in the mail the other day.  My friend Renee painted it.  Isn’t it AWESOME?  Of course, I might be a little biased…

Once upon a time, I myself dreamed of becoming an artist…

Only if I had, I would have been the starving kind.  I LOVE to paint, but this is the ONLY picture I’ve ever produced.

Aside from giving away my age, it’s  unfinished. 


If you only knew HOW LONG I worked on it!  I took SOOOOOOOOOOO long to paint it that my high school art teacher eventually gave me an “A” for effort and called it a day.

That’s whys work like Renee’s is so impressive to me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot accurately reproduce something with paint, then here’s Renee doing it perfectly each and every time.  Look at those tiny little lines on the icing tip…isn’t that amazing?


Renee has painted a lot of these awesome little trivets…here’s another one all of you cookie lovers might recognize.  It makes me smile just to look at it!

What’s even cooler is that she does it on wine glasses too!  Fragile curvy wine glasses.

I love them.  They remind me of Lolita glasses, only better because they are individually hand painted specifically for their recipient.

The kids and I all picked  favorites just for fun.  Mine was the Wino Forever glass, Caleb of course chose ants {or “boogs” as he calls them}, Evan, “Captain America”, and Belle went with Halloween.  The call them cheers cups.  That always makes me smile!

The only person who didn’t pic a fave was Bernie who’s, “waiting on a UT pilsner”.

BIG surprise there…

Besides having an ETSY store, Renee also talks about her art and lots of the other fun things she does on her blog, Kudos Kitchen.  If she’s not making me hungry or killing innocent Teddy grahams with her food processor, she has me laughing at her dogs kids, Ivy, Nell and Nutmeg.  did I mention she can cookie TOO?! 

Kudos Kitchen is an all around fun place to be and she’s one of the most encouraging and friendly people I’ve met since starting my blog.

You should definitely go visit her kitchen.  It’s a wonderful place to hang out!