Flag Cookies

Are you looking for an Independence Day cookie to impress, but that doesn’t take a ton of time and work to accomplish?
These are “those” cookies…

And this is just the very beginning of a SLEW of red, white, and blue ideas, SO, get ready!

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Black outline consistency icing with a #3 tip
  • red, white, and blue flood icing {I actually used red, navy, and ivory}
  • white or ivory piping icing and a #1 or #1.5 tip

Outlining is the first step when I make cookies like these.  To make sure they come out evenly, I do it in sections as shown below.  For this set, I chose to make a quarter of the cookie blue with stars.

However, you can do an entire half if you choose.  It might make it a little easier to evenly divide the cookie into sections.
Either way you decide to go, after you have outlined the cookie, let it dry.  When it has completely dried, begin filling the sections.  You must work one section at a time and let them dry between steps so that the colors don’t bleed together.
I did the ivory first, and then the navy.
When the other two colors dried a bit, I added the red.
At this point, you need to let the cookie dry overnight if possible.  I was in a bit of a hurry, so I waited a couple hours and then I applied the stars.  The advantage to waiting until the base is completely dry, is that it minimizes the risk of bleeding, so if bleeding is an issue for you, wait a bit.
I have had several emails asking how I made the stars on these cookies.  It’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it.
I went back to my grade school days of star drawing.
Use the icing tip to close any openings in the star.  You will want to make sure the icing is not too thick or this won’t work as well.
Let them dry completely.
I don’t often have bleeding problems, however for those of you who do, be sure to make sure each color is dry before moving on.
These are easy, and since all the outlining is done in black, they require minimal prep work.
Hope to see these in your Fourth of July roundup!