Other Easter Options, Cookie Style!

I’ve been accused of being a little cookie obsessed, even when it goes a little beyond actual cookies.  So, today I’d like to bring you a few ideas for filling your Easter baskets, cookie style, without actually MAKING them.

I have been oogling this first idea for months.  It’s no secret that I LOVE felt cookies.  Especially these little cuties.  They were made by Heather Sitarzewski, a graphic designer, and all around creative gal!

 If you would like to make them yourself, check out her blog for the complete tutorial!
I cannot wait to try them myself.  I have a little girl that would be THRILLED to find these in her Easter basket!
My next little fun find is these Easter themed candy buttons made by my friend and fellow cookier, Susan K.  She went WAY beyond using up leftover royal icing when she made these.
My last little fun and creative Easter find {which uses cookie cutters, of course} are these Easter Rice Krispie treats from Created by Diane

Anything is better on a stick!  The possibilities are endless…I also love this chocolate dipped sprinkle version from Glorious treats!
Even if you aren’t up for baking, there’s always a way to get a little cookie in!