Blushing Bunnies

Normally, I’m one to figure things out for myself, whether it be trial and error, or Google-ing it to death. However, this little trick was one of those things that COMPLETELY eluded me.

For the life of me, I could NOT figure out HOW everyone was blushing those adorable little cheeks.  So, I asked my friend, Fiona, the maker of these cuties, how it was done…

I really would not have figured it out {at least not easily} if she hadn’t told me.
First of all, you will need some of this stuff…

For those of you not familiar with lustre dust, it’s  a non-toxic, tasteless, edible powder that can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, candy or anything else to which you would like to add a little sparkle {stole borrowed that definition straight off of Google, BTW}

If you would like to get some, all of my favorite stores, Karen’s Cookies, Fancy Flours, Country Kitchen Sweet Art, Sweet Baking and Candy Making Supply, Global Sugar Art, AND many others carry it =)

It can really be any shade of pink, but I happened to have these on hand, and I chose them for two reasons…one was because the particular project I bought them for required a little more intense of a color, AND, I am not really patient, and I would rather see immediate results…

Moving right along, because we all know I tend to ramble, this is how you do it…
You are going to be working out if the lid, because a little goes a long way…using a soft bristled paintbrush {choose the size according to what you are working on} take the tiniest touch of lustre dust ,

And EVER so slightly apply it to the bunny’s {or whatever you’re working on} cheeks.
I PROBABLY should have used a little lighter shade, just because everything shows up so much better on white, but you get the idea.?
If you would like it a little darker, just add a little more, and ?Voilà!!!
Blushing Bunnies =)
Simple and cute.
I hope your Easter baking is well underway, and you are enjoying it as much as I do!