Fun Find {Mickey Mouse Cutter}


Throughout my cookie adventure, I have been all around the Internet searching for the perfect Mickey Mouse cutter.  The first one I ever found was a Wilton comfort grip Mickey cutter which was listed on Ebay.  Looked great, until I noticed it was already at the sixty dollar mark with 4 days left to bid! 

Ummmm, let me think about that one…NO?!
{There are some cutters I’ve said no to}

So, I quickly scrapped that idea, and moved onto option number two, a few decent but odd sized Japanese versions of America’s favorite mouse.  This is what I ended up with.

The red one is 5-6 inches wide, and the other two are tiny.  {The blue one has a matching Minnie I didn’t photograph}
So, still, when I wanted a medium sized Mickey I was out of luck, unless I handcut it.
Then, last October, my cookie idol Maryann made a great find in good old Walgreens!
Of course, this is the Easter version…the Halloween ones were black, but in any case, I think that I bought ten of them.  Eight for my cookie pals, and two for me.  As you can see, they are a much nicer size!

Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased the “bootleg” ones, as I like to call them. They still come in handy, only now I’d use them for accent cookies or a large centerpiece Mickey rather than the WHOLE platter.

The various sizes give a lot of visual interest to a cookie platter.
Speaking of great Walgreens finds, I also found this cute little guy over Christmas.  How cute is Snow Mickey?
If you aren’t up for a shopping excursion, you can always find these on Ebay, I saw quite a few, but going to Walgreens yourself will save you four or five dollars.
And, since in my excitement I bought so many extras, I’d like to give you a chance to win them for yourself right here, right now. 
Anyone who leaves a comment on this post is eligble to win.  You can say hi, you can suggest a topic you might want to see me post about in the future, or in the spirit of this entry, you can leave a comment telling me the most outrageous price you have ever paid for a cookie cutter. 
I have a few regrets myself…I mean WHO PAYS twenty-two dollars for a cockatoo cutter?!
*raises hand*
So, leave a comment by midnight tonight {April 7th} and you might soon be the happy owner of these cutters. 
Don’t forget to leave your contact information!
Oh yes, and PLEASE don’t buy these for commercial use.  Family and friend stuff ONLY!  I hear Disney does not take kindly to reproducing their trademark man {or should I say mouse} for profit!