Easter Eye-Candy

Today I wanted to bring you a fun and inspiring Easter cookie roundup from some of my most talented cookie friends!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Each photo links to the artisan’s blog, Flickr photostream, or ETSY shop, so, if you would like to see more, click on the photo =)
This cute little pastel bunnies are from Bea, at Cancun Cookies {she really IS in Cancun =)}
My super talented friend Bren made these.  Should really check out her photostream.  This is just the beginning!
Cheryl, AKA TidyMom created these cuties.  Not only can she decorate cookies, she is full of great tips and good advice!
These sweet little wonders are my friend Glory’s latest creation. 
Now these are cool!  Haniela was inspired by pysanky, which is Ukrainian Easter Egg art.  I stumbled upon a photo of these beautiful eggs in this month’s issue of Martha Stewart Living.  I was thinking they would make beautiful cookies, and they CERTAINLY do!
I always tell my buddy Jody and I she and I think alike!  I love these, and somehow ended up with the same cutters.  My favorite part is the little denim skirt on the girl bunny.
My friend Johnna NEVER ceased to amaze me.  Aren’t those eggs wonderful?
This little beauty is just one of the many amazing creations of Kay Lefort.  The best part is, she has an ETSY shop, so her cookies are available to order =)  Click on the photo to visit!
Kim is another mind-blowingly talented cookie artisan/party planner.  She has an ETSY shop also {click on the photo}  and BELIEVE ME, you want these cookies!  I have been the lucky recipient of a set of these and I can vouch for her.  They ARE as good as they look!
Kylie is my cookie friend from the land down under =)  Everything she makes is may favorite!  I especially love her baby shower and bird cage cookies.  You can see all of her work on Flickr.
I don’t even have words for these.  A picture is really worth a thousand words!
My friend Lisa made these.  She makes some of the most perfect cookies I have ever laid eyes on.
These were made by my OTHER friend Lisa.  We share embarrassing nicknames…but I can’t tell, because she knows mine =)
These little beauties were made by my cookie idol Maryann…I’ve introduced her here before, but just in case you missed it, click {HERE} to read all about her cookie superpowers.
These cookies come all the way from Mexico City!  Myri amazes me with EVER single set she makes.  She sent me a set of cookies that were SOOO beautiful, they are impossible to eat.  I am keeping my treasure FOREVER!
I think I might be envious of my friend Nancy…not only does she make cookies like THIS, she makes gorgeous cakes also…AMAZING is the only word!
This is one of my all-time favorites from Cookie Crazie Pam.  Her signature plaid makes even simple bunnies a work of ART!
My friend Susan, who is Susan #1 in this case, specilaizes in CUTENESS!  I love these!!!
And Susan #2, glaze user found a way to change up traditional bunny faces!  I have also been lucky enough to have these cookies too.  My dad liked them so much, I am getting him some for his birthday. {shhhhhhhhhhhh}
These wonderfully designed cookies are the work of the talented TracyLH.  Her cookie designs are MINDBLOWING!
And last but not lease, these cookies by my friend Tricha might be one of my all time Easter faves!
I feel so honored to be in the midst of such talented ladies.  The impress, inspire, encourage and uplift me daily!
I hope this puts you in the Easter cookie mood!