Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I have a little funny.  I got SOOOOOOOO into the cookies for today, that I forgot to make sure my kiddos were wearing green.  So now, my oldest has the most atrocious pair of St. Patrick’s glasses from Walgreen’s{think John Lennon with shamrocks}. Belle has green dangle-y shamrock earrings, and Caleb has a green toy he has vowed not to let go of.  And believe me, he better not.  His brother is watching…and guess, what I have…


I am really on a stacked cookie kick.  And I just got several more sets of graduated cutters!
Anyway, the hats led to these…and a new fixation with coloring my dough.  I can’t stop now!

And some for the brother…

Have a good, green day!?