Color My World

Color is a pretty difficult thing to explain.  I think in a lot of ways it’s in the eye of the beholder…sometimes subtle differences are huge depending on who’s looking.

Using experience and a handy color chart from a veteran cake decorator, I tried to put together a little guide to refer to while mixing icing colors.

Keep in mind the sample colors might not be EXACT, but they are a general idea.  {Its VERY hard to make mauve on the computer}

Overall, it’s handy and can lead you in the right direction if you get totally lost.

Here are a few of my most asked about colors:
My favorite purple to use is equal parts regal purple {or violet} and electric purple to brighten it up =)
My favorite green is a mixture of leaf green and egg yolk yellow, I’d say 3 parts leaf green+1 part egg yolk yellow
And my favorite pink is a mixture of tulip red and deep pink.  I am not sure about actual amounts, just don’t go overboard!
A little note? about red.  I ONLY use tulip red.  Most reds taste icky.  However Witlon makes a no-taste Red.  I used to think this was my only option, but by chance I learned that tulip red shade of other brands, is a no-taste red.  HOWEVER, take note: Depending on brand, tulip red can vary in shade.  I’ve found that Americolor tends to be a little more orange-y than the CK brand…so if you would like the color to be a little richer of a red, I’d suggest CK.  I almost exclusively use the Americolor only for the reason that it comes in 13.5 ounce bottles, BUT I like them all =)
Another tip for red icing.  No matter what shade you decide to use, make it a few days ahead of time.  Reds, browns, blacks, and purples tend to develop significantly in a day or so.  It will save you a lot of color, and some possible weird icing issues to use less and wait!
Also, don’t waste icing!  Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember how I made a color because I use what I call the “Preschool Method”.

It all goes back to simple colors.  Yellow and blue make green, red and yellow make orange, you get the idea.  If I need green, I begin with any leftover colors I have, and alter it from there.

For example, if I have leftover blue, I add a little yellow.  If have have leftover blue and yellow, I mix them.  I try never to waste anymore than I have to.

I also have a list of favorite colors that I cannot live without. I pretty much exclusively use Americolor.  Here they are:

  • Tulip Red
  • Deep Pink
  • Orange
  • Egg yolk, Lemon, and Electric Yellow
  • Leaf Green and Avocado
  • Royal, Sky, Electric and Navy Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Regal and Electric Purple
  • Violet
  • Super Black
  • Deep and Electric Pink
  • Warm and Chocolate Brown
  • Ivory
If you still have trouble, there are colorwheels availiable for purchase from most cookie and cake decorating supply stores.
Normally, I would wait until I could perfect this until I posted, but I think it’s helpfulness outweighs the UGLY.
Please forgive my primative illustrations.  I am an unlikely blogger who’s having to learn all of the computer skills that I missed in high school! 
My mom who was also my computer teacher, was always on my case about not listening  in class, and now I am PAYING for it!
I plan on tweaking this as soon as Mom comes over to help me, LOL.  I’ll also get her to make it into a printable chart. I hope this is helpful!

*A few I forgot…My favorite lime green {used as an accent on the daisies above} is electric green with one drop of electric blue and Tiffany blue is 3 parts royal blue+1 part leaf green.