I "WHEELIE" Like This Idea!

One of the joys of my new-found Twitter addiction is that I find cool stuff.  LOTS of cool stuff. Since joining, I find myself inspired almost as quickly as I can make cookies!

Last week I stumbled upon these cuties, by Mique {Pronounced Mickey, like the mouse}, at Thirty Handmade Days. I KNEW immediately that I had to “COOKIE” them…

So I did.  The boys were SOOOOOOOO excited, especially Evan because he got to help…

Just when I thought I was finished,  I re-read the post and got even more inspired!  In the {I “Wheelie” Like You} post Mique mentions another set of printables she created, {Cute as a Button}.  I bet it won’t take much to figure out where my brain went from there =)

These can be used for the very same idea, except instead of stapling them to the treat bag, I’d use them gift-tag style.  Simply punch a hole in them and tie them to the favor with pretty ribbon.

I didn’t put together any of those, but you get the idea.  Don’t forget to click on the links to visit Mique, and get her free printables to use for these projects.

Also, check back here all this week. I have many more Valentine’s ideas for the kids {Since I have endless inspiration here}Tommorrow, it’s Caleb’s turn.  Bet you’ll never guess what he came up with!

Hope it’s a good week, HAPPY DECORATING!