That Guy Bern Dogg

Who’s  Bern Dogg, you ask?  Well, that’s my husband.  A friend of his gave him the name a long time ago and it stuck.  I can be three feet away from him and yell: Babe, Bernie, fire, help, RAPE…no response, but if I even whisper, “Bern Dogg,” and I have his immediate and undivided attention.  Sometimes I will catch myself calling him from another room and think, ” I am close-to-30 mom of three, married to a man who responds to a name humorously close to Snoop Dogg.  Oh, well, I like ol’ Snoop pretty well, and I love my Bern Dogg to death.

This blogging stuff is taking me a while to get used to.  It’s hard for me to open up.  Revealing little things, such as my husband’s name is a big step for me.  I don’t know what the rules on those things are.  I was one of those kids who grew up in the “INTERNET PREDATORS CAN STEAL YOUR SOUL” era and it’s ingrained…but now, calling him by name is getting to the point of necessity.  It’s very hard to talk about my baking adventures without mentioning Bern Dogg.

My Bern Dogg is a funny guy.  A good combination of all the necessary traits.  An ESPN junkie, neat freak, class clown, funnyman…that’s my guy!  Since this cookie obsession took over my body, he puts up with a lot. 

Actually, “a lot” is an understatement. 

Maybe I should say *A LOT*

Cereal dinners, being put to work as soon as he gets home from  his “real” job, being Mr. Mom, a laundry champion, AND a baker on my busy days (as long as he can see ESPN from the mixer).  Keep in mind, this is only a little of what he goes thorough so I can express myself. 

SOOOOOOO, I decided he deserved some cookies of his own.  And none of those ugly boo-boo cookies I usually feed him, but real life, thoughtful custom Bern Dogg cookies.

This is what I came up with for my LONGHORN loving extraordinaire…


I’m not much of a UT gal, but I think that they are a lot cuter when you look at them as  snowmen =) 

Bern Dogg also has another love…

*THESE guys, ICK!*  (Yes, I’m aware this is disloyal)

Neither team did much for him this year, poor Bern Dogg =(
Since I was on an atheletic kick, I went ahead and made  some of these guys.  You cannot live in Red Raider country and not represent the Red Raiders!

After all, my tiny little town is filled with Alumni, and fans…


And girls alike…

Take it easy on this sleepy Sunday!  Christmas is almost here!