Creative Christmas Cookies Using Halloween Cutters

Despite it being in the high eighties around here temperature-wise, there is no denying it’s Christmas time once again. I have been cranking out cookies all week!

No matter what the weather, you might recognize the arrival of Christmas in another way…your rapidly declining bank balance!

So, for fun, I thought I’d show you a few ways I re-purposed cutters to make them into Christmas cookies and save some DOUGH… no pun intended =)

Can you guess what cutters I used to make these?

You’ll never guess…

Neat trick, huh!  *I’m MAGIC!*
With a little imagination ol’ Frankie becomes a nutcracker, a tombstone morphs into a gift tag, “BOO” turns into *avoiding saying this in a way that will encourage snickering*  HO, HO, HO, the bat…holly, a pumpkin…Santa, and my spider web…a wreath (it would also make a great snowflake, BTW).  
 To make these cookies, cut out your shapes, trim them just a little before baking, and voilà,

 New cookies from your tired old Halloween cutters!
I also came up with these little guys.  They are my favorite!?

Same simple concept…

Do a little trimming and piecing like I taught you when we made candy cane cookies
 and you’ll have the cutest little elf cookies ever…
*Cuteness deserves a close-up*

Enjoy, and make today your day to “THINK OUTSIDE THE CUTTER”!