Sweet Sightings {Second Edition}

It was an eventful week in Cookie Land and I’m back again to share my favorite cookies from around the World Wide Web.  I hope you’ll take a minute to visit the talented artist behind these amazing cookie creations.  Enjoy!

Sweet Sightings Collage 2.21.  These dog cookies from Compassionate Cakes are pretty much the best I’ve ever seen.  When you click over, be sure you have a minute to look around.  You’re going to be there a while.

2.  I always dig mini-things, but I’m especially loving what ibakery did with her mini-watermelon cookies.  Simple and effective.  I must try this soon!

3.  What a fun idea via Jenelle of St. Louis Sweets!  What began as a blank canvas became an edible quilt after each participant decorated a square.  I love how it turned out.  What a work of art!  You can see the entire project here.

4.  It’s all about the process.  Check out Killer Zebras’ approach to Frozen cookies here.

5.  I’m a local so I may be a bit biased…but I’m kinda smitten with Little Birdie’s Cookies’ Texas set.

Sweet Sightings Collage 2.16.  There’s nothing cuter than a bathing baby.  Except maybe bubbly baby cupcakes.  I can’t wait for a reason to recreate i am baker’s super cute idea.

7.  I will never look at sunglasses cookies the same way again.  Sweet-T-Cakes’s airbrushed lenses are simply brilliant.  Check out more of her summer pool party collection here.

8.  I almost can’t find words to express how much I love Bella Sucre’s dreamy designs.  My current crush is this sweet little robin’s nest.  If you aren’t a cookie decorator, never fear.  You can purchase these beauties here.

9.  Mason jar cookies are all the rage.  If you haven’t made them already, chances are you will.  Cookies with Character has a great tutorial here.

10.  Look closely.  Do you see it?  One of these owls is actually a frog.  This sweet idea was shared by My Cookie Space.

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  1. 1
    Melissa Joy says:

    The mason jar cookies will always be an all time cookie favorite of mine. Always! Great list!!!

  2. 2

    Love the minis and the bathing baby…so cute! Great finds, Callye!

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    I am amazed that someone can look at a frog cutter and envision an owl! Adorable!

  4. 4
    Sonal Sanghvi says:

    so cute cookie don’t feel like eating just want to keep them loved it all

  5. 5
    TracyLH says:

    Such a wonderful assortment! Love the creativity!

  6. 6
    Jessica Weisnicht says:

    Thank you so very, very much for the kind words and sharing my dog cookies!!! I really appreciate it:)

  7. 7
    Amanda says:

    Thanks so much for including me in this fun round up!! You are the sweetest!

  8. 8
    Paulette says:

    Hey where is “cookie cutter heaven?” I live in Lubbock and was hoping it was nearby. I have over 1,000 cookie cutters but there isn’t any place local, that carries anything new.