North Pole Cookie Pops

I used to be a little afraid cookie pops, but the moment I spotted peppermint striped sticks at World Market, I was inspired.  I knew I’d have to face my fear and turn them into North Pole cookie pops.

North Pole Cookie Pops via SweetsugarbelleFor this project I chose a simple square and my crayon cutter from Karen’s Cookies, but you can use whatever you like.  Also, if you can’t find peppermint stripe sticks, plain ones will work too…we’ll talk about that more later.

North Pole Cookie Pops 1Before baking, gently insert a stick into each cookie.

North Pole Cookie Pops 2As I mentioned earlier, until recently I was afraid of cookie pops.  No matter what I tried, they were always came out a little imperfect and ugly.  Eventually I realized the problem is that my cookie dough is softer than most.  So, now I don’t worry about an ugly surface, especially since they end up covered with icing.

If they are a little bumpy, take a page from the Bearfoot Baker’s playbook and flatten them with a fondant smoother.  You can also roll them a bit thicker and bake a minute or two longer at a lower temperature…whatever works best for you.

North Pole Cookie Pops 3While we’re talking about ugly cookie pops I also wanted to show you the back of mine.  Sometimes the sticks show through a little.  In the beginning I worried that this might weaken the cookie, but it doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference.  However, if this really concerns you, decorate the back side of the cookie for added strength.

North Pole Cookie Pops 4To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining and filling the cookies with green icing.

North Pole Cookie Pops 5Once the base is dry, use a small round tip {#1.5-#2} to pipe phrases like, “Santa’s Workshop”, “Reindeer Parking”, and North Pole onto each cookie.  I used my Kopykake because I’m not comfortable writing on cookies.  This font is called “Mountains of Christmas”

Using a Kopykake makes decorating a little easier, but it still takes a little practice. Notice I had to reposition the image during piping so that everything was properly centered.  For more tips on using a projector for writing on cookies click here and here.

North Pole Cookie Pops 6Next use yellow piping icing to attach a Sixlet to the top pf each sign.  Try to center it with the stick.

North Pole Cookie PopsUse a #2 tip to add a border.

North Pole Cookie Pops 8Then, quickly add snow as pictured below using 20-second icing.

North Pole Cookie Pops 9Immediately sprinkle with a bit of sanding sugar.

North Pole Cookie Pops 10Remember I said that these can also be made with plain cookie sticks?  Here’s how.

North Pole Cookie PopAfter decorating simply cover the sticks with striped paper straws  which widely available at craft and party stores and also online.  Begin by measuring the straws and trimming to size {leave a tiny bit of space at the end} and slip them over the stick.

North Pole Cookie Pops 11See the little space?  Fill with a dot of royal icing, and let dry.  This will help keep the straws in place.  Easy peasy, right?

North Pole Cookie Pops 12This design is really simple, but you can use things like sprinkles and stencils to dress them up.

North Pole Cookie Pops Sweetsugarbelle.comFor more tips and tricks related to this project, check out the following links:

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  1. 11
    Lizy b says:

    Love, love, love!! Just ordered your cutters from Karen’s too! Can’t wait to make some signs!

  2. 12
    brantcookies says:

    Those are so sweet….Merry Christmas!

  3. 13
    Kathia says:

    So beautiful , I want to hug you!!

  4. 14
    NikkiK says:

    Gah, I can’t handle you sometimes Callye. Eeeeeeeeeeeee, these are adorable!!

    OK, I’m done. Sorry for the outburst.

  5. 15
    Jennifer G says:

    You always seem to find the cutest fonts for your projects. Your don’t collection must be huge. Adorable cookies.

  6. 16
    Jennifer G says:

    I meant ‘font’ collection lol

  7. 17

    Love your cookie pops – cookie pops scare me too! And would you believe I made North Pole Cake pops – can’t wait for you to see! :)

  8. 18
    Erin says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I just want to make sure that it is ok to bake the straws?
    Thank you

  9. 19
    Erin says:

    Thanks! I’m still confused because there is a picture that looks like the stitch is baked in ? (The one near the top where the cookie is flipped over).

    • 19.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      I made two different versions. One with sticks from World Market that come with stripes one covered with straws, in case you can’t find them. Did you read the instructions?

      • Erin says:

        I am so sorry ! I see it now.

        • Sweet Sugar Belle says:

          That’s okay. better than ya smoking your house with burning straws, right?

          • Amoy says:

            Oh I love the mosaic. I love all the prttey white and cream with just a touch of color. I am so into white all of a sudden. Love it. I also wanted to let you know that the next “Cloche Party” is scheduled for Sept. 11th for the Fall season. Thank you so much for displaying the button about the last one. Let everyone know the new date. I look forward to seeing you there. Hugs, Marty

  10. 20
    Rebecca says:

    I LOVE THEM!!! I think they are one of the cutest cookies I have seen :D So adorable! :)


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