Jingle Bell Cookies and a Printable Kopykake Template

I’ve got a confession.  Jingle bell cookies don’t make me jolly.  They don’t bring back sweet holiday memories from days gone by.  They absolutely frustrate me…beyond belief!  I’ve been trying to make jingle bell cookies for a few years now without success {no, there aren’t pictures}.

Jingle Bell Cookies SweetSugarbelle This year, determined to make them happen, I searched high and low for a Kopykake image…to no avail.  So, to pave the way for someone {besides me} to make awesome jingle bell cookies, I am posting one now.  For your free jingle bell Kopykake template, click here.

As for icing them, here’s one of several approaches you can take.  I won’t presume to declare this the only way because I don’t really love how mine turned out.

Jingle Bell Cookie TemplateWhen someone perfects them {I’m lookin’ at YOU, Mike}, let me know.  You will have my lifelong respect and gratitude.

Jingle Bell CookiesI’m still not loving my cookies, but it’s a good start.  Maybe after I recover from this year’s trauma, I’ll try again.  I’m hoping the template will make it easier on y’all at least.  To see envy-inducing jingle bell cookies, check out these posts:

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  1. 21
    Jadine says:

    I think they look perfect. Just an idea, brush some of them with gold or silver lustre dust. I took a course this fall and our instructor told us that dry lustre dust should be applied to a dark surface, i.e. dark brown or black. For cakes, use black fondant. He suggested I apply over black RI. It works perfectly and no need to dissolve in alcohol which for me, always leaves little pits in the RI, even tho’ I switched to Everclear. Anyway, just a thought. I think your bells are fantastic – how can you even think they need improving? PS the best brush to apply lustre dusts to larger surfaces is a dense eyeshadow brush, the ones with short stubby bristles.

  2. 22
    Lisa says:

    To be honest, I think they’re incredible. I absolutely love how they came out!! Don’t be so hard on yourself!!

  3. 23
    Knitrageous says:

    I like them just like they are!!

  4. 24

    No perfecting need! I think they are perfect the way they are! I love your template that you provided and how you can make these using a simple circle cutter. It’s the season for Mrs. Claus, reindeer, and sleigh bell cookies!

    • 24.1
      Sweetsugarbelle says:

      You’re not getting out of this that easily! You’re nominated for the jingle bell edition of Fix My Cookies, lol!

  5. 25
    samantha says:

    These are so awesome!! I love bells and have been trying to figure out how to simplify them for cookies! Perfect!

  6. 26

    Callye, These really look fantastic and in my opinion, you’ve already perfected these. Excellent job, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  7. 27
    Rhonda says:

    I think they are great. Thank you so much for your generosity. I have learned so much from you! I appreciate your willingness to share your work with us.

  8. 28
    VA says:

    What’s not to like?!?!?! They are truly fantastic!

  9. 29

    They are wonderful! And thank you for the template. These are going on next year’s list of “must make” holiday cookies.

  10. 30
    Jill says:

    They are perfect! Thanks for sharing.