Snack Attack Cookies

I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for faux food.  As a kid, I used to draw entire meals on paper and cut them out to play with.  Now that I am all grown up I’m still playing with my food.

If you’re looking to make Superbowl cookies that are a little more unique than the same old football theme, these funny foods are right up your alley.

Junk Food CookiesHere they are…all of my favorite game day snacks in cookie form using common cutters, of course.  Is anyone besides me hungry?

Snack Attack CookiesThe nacho cookies were originally designed by one of my favorite cookie decorators, Angela, of Oh, Sugar Events.  Check them out by clicking HERE.

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  7. c. {available via Plastics in Print}
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Snack food cookies

Remember, the cutters shown above are only suggestions.  If you have something else that works don’t be afraid to try it out.  For example, a bowling pin would have also made a great Buffalo wing if you don’t have a Christmas light.

Stadium Food CookiesIf you’re planning on making these cookies, here’s a couple of posts that you might find helpful:

This week I linked up with the always amazing, Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons!

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    Amber Tebben says:

    All the blogs you’ve posted with cookies are adorable! That is such a fun idea to make fun shape cookies instead of just the plain old plain old cookies. Not saying the same old same old cookies don’t taste good because they always do, but having a fun cookie will make eating them all the more better! I like that you’ve given instructions on how to make each type of cookie that you made. It seems like a simple thing with common household items. I’m not much of a creative baker, but when I find ideas, I like to give them a try! At some point I will try to make some of your creative cookies, which is why I’ve saved your website! It is so cool to see how real your cookies look to the real food they are representing. There is a cookie place, new to my town, that makes specialty cookies in shapes upon request and I think those are just great too!Thank you for sharing your creative ideas and I can’t wait to try them and have some fun of my own with them!


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