Chippendale Cookies

I’m always on the lookout for easy entertaining cookie ideas and this one fit the bill.  It’s not often that cookies make me giggle but this guy surely does the trick.  I don’t know whether to whistle or eat him!

In my defense, I don’t sit around all day thinking about cookies in man-form.  These were actually inspired by my friend Nicole’s Magic Mike cookies. Until seeing this set I’d always thought of “cookie abs” as lines rather than in a dimensional sense.

Chippendale Cookie 2

Believe it or not, this fine male specimen of a cookie  came from humble beginnings.  Before morphing into a cookie Adonis, Mr. Macho Man was a simple gift cutter.

chippendale b

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Fleshtone 20-second icing {for a little help with skin color icing, click HERE}
  • Black 20-second icing
  • Food safe marker {optional}

*For my royal icing recipe, click HERE.  20-second icing is a consistency of that recipe which you can read about HERE.

To make sure everything was even I decided to sketch my design onto the cookie with a food color marker before I began icing.

chippendale a

Decorating this cookie is fairly simple.  It’s mostly a matter or working in sections and allowing them to dry for a bit before moving on.

Start by using 20-second icing to fill in the spaces running a toothpick through each while the icing is wet to prevent cratering.

chippendale cSee the progression?  The sections do not have to dry completely between applications.  Ten to twenty minutes should do the trick, as long as each area has set enough to create dimension when another layer is added.

chippendale dLet the base dry overnight and apply the bow tie the next day, also working in sections.

chippendale eI bet you’d have never guessed it was this easy to make the perfect man!

Chippendale Cookie

It would also be adorable to use chocolate-chip roll out cookies for a “Chocolate Chip-pendale” version of this idea.  They’d also be perfect for a bachelorette party or girls night out!  Give someone you love a Valentine’s day giggle and bake these soon.

Have a smooth and productive week, cookie friends!

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  1. 41
    Jessi says:

    These are awesome! You should include a Chris Farley version for the SNL fans :)

    Btw, I made your cookies over christmas and they were perfect! So easy and your tutorials on piping and flooding helped so much!

  2. 42
    Tammy says:

    I made your sugar cookies last night, and I must say they are I think the best I’ve had. I also made your royal icing recipe, which is very THICK. I thinned it down a little to make it go on smooth. It was my first try at the chipendale cookies, I couldnt make it look dimensional as you did? Any other sugestions? I worked in sections, and let the first section dry overnigh, then started on the sections the next morning, but it kind of still all blended together? Maybe you can help answer this for me? I will however try again sometime, I will not give up. Thank You so much for sharing for wonderful idea.




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