Pumpkin Lollipops

Global warming or not, come September it’s fall in Sugarbelle land.  Gone are the days of lemon cake and refreshing summer beverages.  From here on out it’s spice cake, hot chocolate, and autumn sweets for me.

Lately I’ve had pumpkins on the brain.  Pretty little pumpkin pops to be exact.

To make these pumpkin pops you will need:

A mini-muffin pan makes working on these a lot easier, so if you have one I would definitely suggest using it.

After placing a liner in each compartment use some kind of star tip to add a dollop of icing to each cup.  This will keep the pops securely in place.

Next, gently press a lolly into each dot.  This is a great time to get the kiddos in on the action.  Caleb is my hand model de jour.

At this point let the liners dry securely in place.  I gave them overnight.  Once they’re dry, you’ll be able to pick them up liner and all.

The next day, use a #1.5 {or #1} icing tip to add a little vine or two to the top of the pumpkin starting at the top.

Next, using a #4 tip, add a stem.  I built it up the stick to make it sturdier.

Finally, use a #66 tip to add a small leaf.

Let them dry for another hour or two.

Here’s a view from the top.

Use them as party favors or wrap them in little boxes like these and use a hole-punch to make room for the stick.  The liner will peel cleanly away from the icing when you’re ready for a sweet treat.

I think the only thing that might have made these better would have been if I’d have found pumpkin spice lollys!

Fall is in the house!  My house at least.  And if you didn’t already know that I haven’t been young enough to say cool words in about ten years… after the whole “in the house” crack, you do now.

Bring on Friday night football and comforting treats.  And while you’re at it make these.

Happy Monday, cookie friends!

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  1. 41

    Again- you are a genius. You got sugar skills. I looooooooooooove that these are super duper fast too! Perfect in every way!

  2. 42
    Jeanna says:

    What a cute idea!

  3. 43
    Debra says:

    Wonderful idea!

  4. 44

    But these beautiful pumpkins! A warm greeting from Italy! Hello, hello laura

  5. 45
    Jocelyn says:

    These are the cutest treats ever! I added them to my Halloween dessert recipe roundup here: http://www.grandbaby-cakes.com/2012/10/halloween-everywhere.html

  6. 46

    So cute! Love how easy these are :)

  7. 47

    OMG! These are so cute. Looks like loads of fun to make also. I will certainly give them a try real soon. Thanks for sharing!

  8. 48

    Great idea on putting the Cake Pop in a cupcake wrapping.

  9. 49

    How cute is this?!

  10. 49.1
    Jessalyn says:

    Your answer shows real inleeligtnce.


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