Simple Dotty Valentine’s Cookies

Who likes simple cookies?

Me too!  That’s why I love these.  They look like a lot of work, but they weren’t.

Of course, you can use traditional Valentine’s Day colors, but I was kind of in an off-color mood.

Start with a cookie that has been outlined and flooded.  For help with outlining and flooding click HERE.  I used ivory for the base color, but you can choose any color you like.

Next, mix several colors of flood icing {or just a few if you want} and use it to apply dots to the cookie.

Because the icing is “liquid” it will flow into perfectly round dots.  If you need help with consistencies, click HERE.  I have a few videos to help you out.

Let the cookies dry for a few hours, and you’ll have these!

Easy.  Easy. Easy.

So easy, in fact, you will have time to make all of these BEAUTIFUL treats too!

There is no excuse for showing up to your Valentine’s Day Party empty handed!  Valentine’s Cuteness is only a click away!!!

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11.  Scarletta Bakes ~ Mexican Chocolate Hearts
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Hope you have a sweet week trying out all these treats!!!

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  1. 61

    The idea of your blog is very fresh, I’m without doubt that the folks who will read your blogs surely take a lot from your content and pointers.

  2. 62
    Carole says:

    I love these!

  3. 63
    LKBurdick says:

    These look great, curious to know if you let the flooding dry before you add the dots?

  4. 64

    These cookies really are adorable, and I adore the colors as well. I really wouldn’t have guessed how simple they were to make if you didn’t show me! Love ’em!

  5. 65
    Valentina says:

    Could I use this color flow technique on brownies?

  6. 66
    Teresa Erberich says:

    Has anyone made then froze these? I would like to make them 2 weeks before our first and second grade girls mother/daughter party and was hoping they freeze then thaw well. Thank you!

  7. 67
    Mirtha Flores says:

    Me encuentro fascinada con tus preciosos trabajos, son realmente una obra de arte. Felicitaciones y dulces saludos.

  8. 68

    These are too cute! I bet they are so fun to make…(and eat!)

  9. 69
    Angie Jordan says:

    I made similar cookies for V-day but used more of the traditional colors – red, pink, and a few purple dots. I used the 20 second icing and felt the consistency was right…ivory base was very smooth but remained on the cookie (day 1). The day after icing with ivory I applied the colored dots of icing (day 2), trying to allow drying time for the ivory. By the following morning, the color from the red and purple dots had bled onto the ivory. Is there something I could do differently? I’m sure these darker colors do bleed more easily. Thank you! In awe of your beautiful work!


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