Once Upon a…BABY!

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the “Once Upon a Time”cookie project with a very talented group of fellow cookie obsessed ladies.

I love being involved with other girls who feel like I do about cookies.  Besides giving me a place to point fingers when my husband calls me crazy, these ladies also teach, encourage and inspire me.  Everytime I look at their work I think of 1001 more cookies I’d like to make.

For my theme I chose Thumbelina.  Afterward, it occurred to me that I didn’t know a darn thing about her and I’m thinking y’all may not either, so, if you need a refresher, click HERE.

Anywho, here’s my cookie translation, minus Mr. Mouse, who was unfortunately a casualty of today’s lovely windstorms.  Gotta love taking pics in Gale force winds. {I re-made him this afternoon, so hopefully I’ll have an updated photo tomorrow}

Which is now today, because here is my collection, plus field mouse!

Here’s a sneak peek of all the amazing cookies that were submitted.  If you would like to see more, click on over to The Flour Box Bakery.

1. Cinderella, presented by Hillary of The Cookie Countess
Facebook Page
The Cookie Countess Blog

2. Robin Hood, presented by Teresa of Sweet T’s Cakes
Facebook Page

3. Aladdin, presented by Nicole of Life’s a Batch
Facebook Page
Life’s a Batch Blog

4. Jack and the Beanstalk, presented by Laura of Laura’s Cookies
Facebook Page

5. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, presented by Susan of The Painted Cookie
Facebook Page
The Painted Cookie Blog

6.  Alice in Wonderland, presented by Debbie of Mt. Lookout Sweets
Facebook Page

7. Ariel, presented by Georganne of LilaLoa
Facebook Page
LilaLoa Blog

8. Tinkerbell, presented by Andrea of Cupcookie
Facebook Page
Cupcookie Blog

9.  Hercules, presented by Sarah of Songbird Sweets
Facebook Page
Songbird Sweets Blog

10.  Jasmine, presented by Kimberly of Sweet Creations
Facebook Page
Sweet Creations Blog

11.  Peter Pan, presented by Elizabeth of Sweetart Sweets
Facebook Page
Sweetart Sweets Blog

12. Little Red Riding Hood, presented by Angela of Oh, Sugar Events
Facebook page
Oh, Sugar Events Blog

13. The Frog Prince, presented by Anita of Sweet Hope Cookies
Facebook Page
Sweet Hope Cookies Blog

14. Goldilocks, presented by Liz of Arty McGoo
Facebook Page
Arty McGoo Blog

15. Mulan, presented by Krista of Cookies with Character
Facebook Page
Cookies with Character

16. Little Bo Peep, presented by Lorraine of Lorraine’s Cookies
Facebook Page
Lorraine’s Cookies Blog

17. Prince Charming of Cinderella, presented by Tiffany of The Red Cooky
Facebook Page

18. Rapunzel, presented by Adrianne of Color Me Cookie
Facebook Page

19. Pinocchio, presented by Stephanie of the Hungry Hippopotamus
Facebook Page
The Hungry Hippopotamus Blog

20. Sleeping Beauty, presented by Natalie of Palestine Painted Cookie
Facebook Page
Palestine Painted Cookie Blog


The super-talented organizer of this project,

Princess and the Pea, presented by Anne of Flour Box Bakery
Facebook Page
Flour Box Bakery Blog

If you don’t already know Anne, you should.  She is the artist behind these wonders.  The Christmas village video brought me to tears, and I am not exagerating!

And if you’re up for a little more jaw dropping cookie art, be sure to go check out this mind-blowing “cookie-mation” she did.  I don’t even have words, just watch!

Thanks again, Anne, for organizing such a fun project!  I hope this leaves everyone amazed and inspired!

Here’s to a great week!

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  1. 21
    Addys Santiago says:

    absolutely LOVE, LOVE them!!!

    • 21.1
      Robin Marshall Clark says:

      If I would have had pants on, I would have peed in them! Holy canoli these cookies are amazing!!! I can not believe my eyes. The details are stunning. The talent is amazing. It’s almost unbelievable. The hours it must have taken! Kudos to each and every one of you!

  2. 22

    These are just phenomenal! I can’t get over how perfect they are… posted a link on edible crafts :)

  3. 23
    Jenny says:

    I featured you on my blog! http://aworldofcrafts.blogspot.com/

  4. 24

    Mr. Mouse was sooo worth waiting for! How adorable. The fish is still my favorite though 😀 Amazing job Callye!

  5. 25
    Lacey says:

    The mushroom cookies are my fav, i love mushrooms.
    Super cute!

  6. 26
    Cassandra A. San Nicolas says:

    Ou women have an amazing talent, thanks for all the inspiration to try and be a cookietier

  7. 27

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