OH, NO, NO! Santa is STUCK! {Santa in Chimney Cookies}

When I decided to make these cookies I really thought I had a great idea, but within an hour, I went from patting myself on the back to wondering what in the HECK I was thinking.

I usually make it a point to simplify the cookie designs I post.  This was a miserable fail.  If I wasn’t a little short on time and if I hadn’t worked so hard, I might have opted for a redo.  But who are we kidding.  This is DECEMBER!

Anyway, I made these last year.  I thought they were adorable but they were pieced together.  I try NOT to do that if I can help it, so I was pretty excited  when I noticed I had a cutter that might work.

Talk about a stinkin’ useful little cutter!  So far, I have used it to make scarecrows, wheat bundles, pilgrims, Frankenstein, and even nutcrackers!  It’s part of the Wilton 3-piece ice cream set.  If you would like to purchase a set, you can find them HERE.

You can also use a Wilton cross to make a similar version. {Like the original} Either will work…

Anyway, things were going great until I started decorating.  Besides the fact that I was realizing that my simple cookies were not so simple, it was cloudy and overcast which is not so good for my pictures, so I got a little grumpy.  The good news is, the cookies worked out well, even if they were time consuming.

If you would like to make these you will need:

  • light gray, green, and flesh tone 20-second icing.  For help with making flesh tone icing, click HERE.
  • red and white piping and flood icing
  • brick colored flood icing

Begin by using gray 20-second icing to outline the chimney.  Be sure to create a brick pattern leave a void for snow.

Let that dry a bit, and before moving on, try my little trick.  I know I try to give the appearance that I am magic, but really I’m not.  If I am decorating a cookie, and I’m a little unsure of myself, I will often sketch directly onto the cookie with a food color marker.  This helps me to orient the position of the design on the cookie.  See?  Easy.

Once I’ve figured out where Santa is going to go, I use twenty-second icing to add a face then I outline the beard and clothing.  PS-you may have noticed I forgot to take a picture of that step.  Just pretend I did =)

When the cookie has dried a bit, fill the hat, sleeves, and bricks.  Try to remember to fill the bricks in alternating sections so they don’t run together.

Next, fill the beard, and after that add facial features.  I used a #1 tip for this.

For the next steps the pictures will show one thing, but I am going to tell you to do another.  One of those hindsight things.  Trust me.

When I made these, I added mittens, then the snow.  It worked, but I don’t know why I did it in that order.  Poor planning.

  If you make these add the snow first, and go back and pipe mittens over the dry snow.  Then add the details. {another HORRID picture, sorry!}

Since we’re talking about what not to do today, let me tell you one more thing.  Every once in a while, I don’t know when to stop.  I really wish I had not put that line along the top of the chimney, but I did.  You shouldn’t.  It looked better the other way.

Let the cookies dry overnight and you’ll have these cuties!

Don’t be afraid to throw in coordinating cookies like Santa stuck the OTHER direction.  Also, if you like these cookies but want to save time, mix it with basic Santa related cookies such a gifts or “HO HO HO” cookies.

I meant for these to be simple, but even though they are pretty detailed, I hope you’ll try them!

I hope everyone is ready to go Christmas cookie crazy.  I’ve been working hard to recover from last week’s madness, and I think I’m making progress.  To top it off, IT’S SNOWING!  That REALLY puts me in the cookie mood. I have lots of exciting projects planned.

Happy Baking cookie friends!

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  1. 61
    Stacey Mcdonnell says:

    Oh btw I have the icecream cutter from Wilton that you showed and those plastic sheets iwas telling you about are great for the projector too. Jusst thought Id share. I shareda pic of them on Marians page about 6 months toa year ago and she put them up on her albums. I can not remember ifshe Sweetopia found them or noot but she did put them up for refference for her followers. Thanks gurl love the santas. I think iwill draw them out on the plastic and use with the kk projecor. I do not think December is long enough for cookiers. I mean I want to make some of the things that or should i say master some of the tutorials you put up some that niner put up and some that pam and marian put up too. So many cookies so little time. can not waitto make the holly icing transfers. Imade the Poinsettias tonight but did not realize until after i made them, even though they came out pretty good imust say the first time, that they did not at all look like the ones you made. I put some waves in the leaves and then went back and looked at yours and they didnt look the same and Iscraped them off the transfer sheet. my lil boy was so upset after he came back in the kitchen and saw what i had done. But mom they had looked so good. Woop too late now. That is how hard iam on myself. I was just brave enough to put up some of the things Ihave made over the last yr. on my page tonight. I have more pictures of my work for my upcoming page but they are stuck in my hubbys computer that isoff to dell to get back up and running as it got a virus and is sick with the flu or something. All my picsare on there. word tothe wise…back up those pictures with the click free that hubby got as a gift last christmas. Cool techy gift for the picture taker and for the techy in your life. it backs up to 10 computers and does updates too. k that wa realy long and I ha not counted on that. again great cookies. can not wait to try those and the tray of leaves that look like poinsettias too. I am up late tonight with cookies tofinish. and because the chemo treatment that i got has me feeling yucky as it wasa new kind of chemo today and it has me wired like I have had too much coffee. if only that is all they put in that IV. I hope that this new kind of chemo gets those buggars. i didnt havea ten hour surgery for nothing and I woul hate to lose the battle to this terrible disease. I only have one little boy. Noah. he is my everything and Ialmost lost him ina car accident witha dumptruck when i was preggars with him. not my fault but Iam thankful that God saved his life even though the accident ruined my back forever. poor little dude is so scared that he is going to lose his mommy. so to all reading this cookie on. do what you love and do not look back. live as if today were your last day and favor every moment. even the ones that do not seem special. some of you doa cookiea day. i have learned to takea picturea day of something that is going on even if it is not special. You will be amazed at how special those pics become and how special those moments really were when you look back. i call it the 265 day picture project. everything your kids do is special. justa smile or them not knowing you are takinga pic inbetween icing cookies. Try it. You wont regret it. K done now and off my soap box. Love your work Caylle

  2. 62
    Janis says:

    I saw this last year and couldn’t wait to try them this year. Adorable. I’m so glad there are creative people like you because I could never come up with this from an ice cream cutter! Thanks for always being so inspirational. :)

  3. 63
    Lori Ann says:

    So cute! I cant help but notice that the cookie seems darker than your basic sugar cookes (which are terififc by the way) is this a different kind or is it a lighting trick?
    Thanks I have really enjoyed searching and learning on your site!

  4. 64
    goods says:

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