Santa Sock Monkey Cookies

Bring on Christmas!  It seems like I have been waiting since BEFORE Thanksgiving get started on Christmas cookies, and FINALLY it’s time.

Each week I get at least three emails asking me how I gave my sock monkey cookies a “knitted” look, I’d just never found the time for a how-to.  I thought it might have to wait a bit longer, but when I took out my Christmas ornaments I found these, which gave me an idea…

Santa sock monkey cookies!  Pretty good, right?

If you’re looking for a good sock monkey cutter, you should check out this one designed by YOURS TRULY.

It’s manufactured by Ecrandal, and comes in small, medium, and large.


 To make these cookies you will need:

  • red piping and flood icing
  • ivory piping and flood icing
  • brown piping and flood icing
  • stiff white icing fitted with a #16 tip
  • large black candy beads
  • a small amount of black piping icing

First, outline each section of the cookie.  Then use red icing to fill the hat area and to add lips.  I used a #2 tip for every color EXCEPT the ivory.  I wanted it to be a little more prominent than the knitted part of the face.

Next, fill the face area with brown icing.  Make sure not to fill it too full.  We’ll soon be adding more icing to the brown, and we don’t want it to overflow.

As you’re doing this, remember to work one cookie at a time so that they won’t dry too much to add the pattern.

To create the knitted look, use ivory to make stripes through the brown icing and quickly drag a toothpick through the icing in a wave pattern.  Down, then up, then down, and so on…

Finally, drop two black candy beads onto the wet brown icing.

Give that a bit to dry {about an hour, more if you have bleeding issues} then flood the lower face with ivory icing.

I let that dry a few more hours, then I used a stiff royal icing and a #16 tip to add a fluffy edge and pouf to the Santa hat.

To finish up, I used a #1.5 tip to give the monkeys a little smile.  If I have made the red lips a little “smiley-er” I might have been able to skip this step, but I didn’t think my monkeys looked quite happy enough as they were.

Let them dry, and you’ll have sock monkey Santa Cookies.  If you want regular old sock monkeys, follow the same steps, just change the red portion of the hat to ivory, and the white to red.  Confused yet?

Anyway, it seems like my sock monkey cookies and ornaments made fast friends…

These would be the perfect Christmas gift for the sock monkey lover in your life!

If you need help with full body sock monkeys, I have you covered.  For a how-to, click HERE.

Are ya’ll ready for Christmas? I know I am! I hope everyone has a safe and happy week!

Happy Decorating!


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  1. 51
    Lara says:

    Wow! These are fantastic! Your website has inspired me to make these for my son for his class. I couldn’t get the ivory to be ivory – it’s more of a pink. But I’m tooling along and they are pretty cute. I’m doing the pink for the girls in the class and then I think I’ll do just white for the boys. My big question for you is on consistency. Is the flood consistency supposed to need help getting to the edges? Mine may be just a little too thick…

  2. 52
    Lara says:

    P.S. THis is my first time EVER doing these kind of cookies!!! So I’m a newbie!

  3. 53
    Adrienne says:

    I only made a couple of these for our christmas party because I wasn’t sure how hard they were going to be. This was my first time doing anything like this, so I was a little nervous. I didn’t have a sock monkey cookie cutter so I actually put a piece of paper on my computer screen and traced it, silly but it worked. Now everyone wants them so I’m thinking I might have to buy the cookie cutter, lol..

    • 53.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      Not silly at all, LOL! That’s how this cutter came to be! I did that for months, and Ecrandal had so many requests for a cutter like my cookies, they asked me if I would allow them to use my template as a design! Luckily for my trouble I got a cutter…so now I dont have to hand cut anymore =)

  4. 54
    suzanne coven says:

    Wow ! ‘m so inspired by your artistic cookies. i’ve baked cookies before but nothing as beautiful as yours. I’m so excited to bake and decorate some cookies. Thanks to you and your step by step instructions, it’s as if Christmas came early for me. thanks Suzanne

  5. 55

    I just love your imagination! It’s inspiring! Have never done cookies but this makes me want to!

  6. 56
    Garvin says:

    First, LOVE these! I’ve taken the plunge and invested in a handful of supplies, inspired by your cookies. I’m NOT crafty, but darn your cookies are incredible. I had to try. I’m having some success and alot of fun.

    Now for my question: it looks like you did not outline (or pipe) some portions of this cookie before flooding–the top and bottom of the red hat, for example. I would think the flood icing would end up everywhere. How/why does that work? And if you don’t pipe there, why do you pipe anywhere at all? Thanks!

  7. 57
    marivi says:


    i was wondering what sugar cookie recipe do you recommend?

  8. 58
    Vanessa says:

    Hi I’m making these for my sons party this coming saturday and I cannot find black candy beads. I don’t have time to order them online either. What else could I use for the eyes? Any suggestions? I’m thinking mini brown m&ms right now. Please help! :)

  9. 59
    barbara says:

    I cant get the link to order the cookie cutter. Is it still available?


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