How to Make Kite Cookies

I have a to-do list and a cannot wait to-do list.  These were on the cannot wait list.  I’ve been dreaming of  cute little kite cookies with cute little tails for a very long time, and finally I got around to trying them out!

These were so easy to make.  For the kite cookie, any diamond shaped cutter will work, but I didn’t have one large enough, so I squished a square cutter until it was the right shape.

To make the kite part of the cookie you will need:

  • flood and piping icing in the color of your choice
  • coordinating sanding sugar {optional}

These cookies can be approached from several angles.  This time I decided to experiment with the dimensional look.  You could also flood the entire cookie and then add the lines.  I might do it this way the next time I make these.

  First I use piping icing to divide the kite into four sections.

After the cookies are outlined, fill alternating sections.  Give that about 30 minutes to dry, then fill the rest of them.

Let these dry overnight.  This is a great time to put together your kite tails.


To make cookie kite tails you will need:

Cut the ribbon pieces that are a little less than two inches long and the twine into twelve inch lengths.

Then, tie the twine around the middle of each ribbon section to create the bows.   I have two tips to offer.  First, use a candle lighter to seal the edges of the ribbon so it won’t fray while you’re handling it.  Second, if you have a pair of free hands around, this would be a good time to ask for help.  With Bernie holding the ribbon, making these was a snap.

When you are finished, you will have a tail that looks like this

Before connecting the tails, I added a sanding sugar outline, however you can skip this step if you like.  If you want to go for it, you can view my how-to apply sanding sugar video HERE.

Once the cookies are completely dry, it’s time to secure them to the cookie.  Using white royal icing, pipe a small bit onto the back of the cookie near the bottom.  Then press the twine into the icing.

Immediately lay the cookie string side down on a clean sheet of waxed paper.  The reason for doing this is to ensure that the back layer of the icing dries flat.  The sting will be secure, but the RI will not stick to wax paper.  If you skip this step, the cookie probably won’t lay flat.

After they’re dry peel them from the paper, and you’ll have the cutest kite cookies you’ve ever seen!

These will FLY right off of your party table…

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. 31
    paige says:

    Hi Callye! I love these cookies and they seem soo simple! I’m just starting out decorating and was wondering if you had any other simple cookie tutorials with just one color on each like these? I’d try these but don’t have a cutter thats similar shape or one that I could improvise. Just trying to do the basic pipe/fill for now. Even that is soo much harder for me than you make it look! Thanks for any help you have to offer.
    ps. right now I’m trying to do TSI so I don’t have 2 consistencies for each color. I’m scared it’d take me forever to get them done!

  2. 32
    Carolyn says:

    They look fantastic.

  3. 33
    Miss Cuisine says:

    It’s fun ! I put a link to your article on my french blog.

  4. 34
    cupcakes forever says:

    your a big help! planning to make kite cookies for my very good friend, but i have problem on kites tail. then i cross your site, and your tutorial was so cool, clear and easy to follow. Keep the passion and thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. Your a Blessing! : )


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