More GRRRRR-eat Valentine’s Ideas!

This idea belongs to my middle child.  Caleb is such a funny kid.  He like dinosaurs a LOT.  He might even be a little obsessed with them.  So, it wasn’t any surprise that he picked dinosaur cookies for his Valentine’s Day idea.

For the first set, I went with the old faithfuls, dinosaurs as hearts.  These are always a hit.  I can’t take credit for this idea, I think it was a Wilton thing once upon a time.

I tried to make them a little more Valentine-y by adding  hearts and simple “You’re GRRR-eat,” and  “You’re Dino-myte,” rounds.

Then for the girl in me, I made another set, these were a little simpler, but pretty. And without teeth.I

*Word to the wise, don’t spend hours decorating cookies for young children.  You will be heartbroken when they take one bite and throw them in the trash, or use them as projectile weapons when the school party sugar high kicks in*
While I was on the topic of dinosaurs, I decided to make a simple platter of cookies for my godson, who is turning five this weekend…

And one special Dinosaur cookie for my husband, who I love dearly…

{He may not condone it, but he couldn’t deny it was cute…and hilarious!}

All of these cookies are simple enough to work really well for Valentine’s Day treat bags.  To help everyone out, I found this cute, fun Valentine printable at The Celebration Shoppe.  Follow the instructions to get yours =)

I also see another adorable girl idea there,
*Think owls and flowers =)*
I hope everyone will try these projects and spend a little time crafting with their kids.

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  1. 21
    Carrie says:

    I just found your blog while researching how to make royal icing/decorated cookies. HOLY COW. If I even have one tenth of one percent of your talent I'll be happy. You are amazing.

  2. 22
    The Cookie Mama says:

    You wouldn't't happen to have any groundhog cookie ideas up your sleeve would you?? Like that you could share in the next day or so?? I have an idea brewing but would love to see something from you =)

  3. 23
    Anna ? Sugarized says:

    These are really great ideas!

  4. 24
    GarEli says:


  5. 25
    Sue says:

    black cocoa- yum!!

  6. 26
    Esther says:

    Preciosas como todo lo que hace.besos esther

  7. 27
    Sole says:

    Hi, wonderful! Where did you get the dino cutters?

  8. 28
    Rachel Brunetti says:

    Do you bake and ship? If so what is your estimated time of arrival after an order has been placed & prices.

    Thank you,
    Rachel Brunetti