Easter Bunny Cookies with Cookies with Character {Guest Post}

While most of the world has been patiently waiting for Easter, I’ve been waiting on a special event of my own.  I’m super excited to announce that my sweet baby girl, Olivia Quinn {Liv} Alvarado has arrived.

This pregnancy has been difficult to say the least, but now that she’s here, I can say with certainty that all the morning sickness, doctor’s visits, driving, bed rest, hospital time, tests, and stress have been worth it.

My little Liv is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I cannot get enough of my sweet baby girl.

Thankfully, a few of my sweet cookie friends are graciously helping me to “hold down the fort” so I’m able to enjoy every precious moment of this very special time.

First up is my sweet friend Krista the talented artist behind Drawn with Character.  Follow along as she demonstrates how she created these adorable Easter bunny cookies with a free template from her blog.

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Easter Bunny Cookie with Wilton Cookie CutterSupplies Needed:

Cute Easter Bunny Cookies1. Transfer image outline using a KopyKake or the tissue paper transfer method, which can be found here.

 2. Outline and flood the inside of the bunny’s ears in pink.

Decorated Easter Bunny with Bowtie Cookie3. Once pink center is dry, outline and flood bunny’s head and ears. Let dry 10 mins in front of heat fan.

4.Flood larger sections of bow tie. Let dry 5-10 mins

5. Pipe in puffy center of the bow tie

Funny Easter Bunny Cookies6. Outline bunny head and top side of the inside of the ears. I find a little thing like just outlining one side give much more texture and dimension to the cookie design.

 7.Place cookie back under KopyKake if you wish. Then use, either food color markers or gel food color to paint in the mouth, eyebrows and teeth. I also quickly indicated the eyes, nose and crease above the nose.

 8. Pipe in puffy black nose and eyes.

Easter Bunny Cookie with Bowtie9. Optional: Use gel colored paints to highlight nose with white, subtle blue around the edges of the white bunny and or the inside of his ears with pink. Checks can be painted on or use pink petal dust and apply with cotton swab. **Don’t forget little lines inside of bow tie for creases.

Simple Easter Bunny Face CookiesI hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. It really is a quick and easy way to make some Easter gifts. Add some sticks with thick royal icing after you decorated them and the kids will love you forever!!

 Happy Spring everyone!!!