Silly Orthodontist Cookies

Little known fact about myself, I am an old chick with braces.  I probably didn’t really need braces…as a matter of fact, when I went in for my consult my orthodontist asked me if I’d had them before.  But I’d always felt a little self conscious about my teeth, so when it came time for my son to have his, I went too.

Anywho, my orthodontist’s office is about the happiest place on Earth.  I love it there.  They have fun weekly themes like Western and 80’s week and an open work area that’s always lighthearted and fun.  I’ve enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to say “thank you” cookie style. Silly braces cookies were perfect for the occasion.

Lips with Braces CookiesI purchased my poofy lip cutter a few years ago at Dollar General.  They don’t carry them anymore, but it’s easy to make your own by reshaping a regular lip cutter.

Poofy Lip Cookie CuttersIf you don’t have a Kopykake, you can use a paper template for consistent results.  Simply trace around the cutter, sketch out the lips and teeth, and cut out.

Lip TemplateOnce you’ve made a template use it to pre-sketch the design.

Funny Lips With Teeth CookiesIf you have a Kopykake skip a step and project the sketch  directly onto the cookie.  Either way works.

Orthodontist Cookie TemplateTo decorate these cookies you will need:

  • White 20-second icing
  • Gray piping icing
  • Red piping and flood icing

Begin with the teeth.  Use white 20-second icing to fill alternating spaces.  Let them dry for a bit, then fill the remaining squares.

Funny Teeth CookiesOnce the teeth have dried for a bit, pipe on braces with a small round tip.  I used a #1.5.

Braces CookiesNext, outline and flood the lips.

Funny Orthodontist Braces CookiesFor that full poofy look, I prefer to flood the area around the teeth before moving to the outside border.  To learn how to create an invisible outline, click here.

Cookie with BracesEveryone got a kick out of these silly smiles.  You can use the same idea for other designs such as vampire teeth.

Funny Othodontist CookiesFor more smile worthy cookie designs, check out the following links: