Easy Lego Ninjago Cookies

It’s no secret of how I feel about character cookies so, when my son requested Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu cookies I instantly envisioned some sort of ninja dog hybrid character that would leave me curled in the fetal position in the far corner of my cookie room.  To my surprise, unlike Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Ben Ten, Ninjago cookies were actually easy.  Very easy!

Ninjago Cookies

I used a trimmed egg cookie for my ninjas but if you want to go even simpler a round or square cookie will work just fine.

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Yellow and your choice of red, blue, black, white, and green 20-second icing
  • Black piping icing

Begin by using yellow icing to create the eye area as shown on the cookie below.

Ninjago Cookies 2

After the yellow has set for a bit, begin adding a mask.  Let each area set for a bit and build each layer until the entire cookie is covered.

Ninjago Cookies 5Alternatively, you can outline and flood the cookie then pipe “wrinkles” but I like the texture and convenience of 20-second icing.

Ninjago 2

At this point let the cookie dry overnight.  While you’re waiting, I’d like to show all of you non-Kopykakers a quick little trick for perfectly positioned details.

Begin by Googling the image you need.  In this case I was looking for a Ninjago face.  With a bit of searching I found this guy.  I like him for two reasons.  First of all, he’s very simple and second, if you do decide to print, you’re not wasting colored ink.

The next step is basically the “push-pin trick” with a twist.  All you do is copy and paste the picture into some sort of image editing program and resize.

At this point you can print the image and use as-is, but for even more accuracy use a small piece of stencil paper {or transparency paper} and mark the image with a permanent marker.  Pre-make pinholes and you’re ready to go.

Kopy Kake SubstituteThe transparent paper allows you to precisely position your image on the cookie.  It takes a little work but it’s an easy alternative to dragging out the projector…plus I think the whole “stick a needle in your eye” thing is hilarious in a creepy sort of way.


To finish up, pipe the final details and let dry.  If you’d like, add a little white highlight to the eye.  It really does make a difference.


If you have boys, cross your fingers they ask for a Lego Ninjago birthday party.  They’re some of the simplest cookies you’ll ever make.

Ninjago Cookies 1

Have a great week everyone!