Adorable {and EASY} Blue Birdies

This West Texas weather has been playing tricks on me lately.  We’ve had heat, rain, and even snow since last Saturday.  {Not kidding about the snow, I posted pictures on Instagram}  Anyway, regardless of what Mother Nature decides to dish out, I am ready for spring.

I guess my spring fever has manifested itself in the form of flowers and birds.  Bluebirds to be exact.  I cannot stop thinking about them.  So I made some.  Lots of them.  But with a little twist.  I bet you were expecting cookies, huh?

I used baby blue Jordan almonds for my birdies, but any blue candy would look good, so pick what you like. To keep them from sliding around as you work, place a clean towel underneath them before you begin.

These were BEYOND easy to make.  I used black royal icing a #1.5 tip to add eyes, and yellow 20-second icing for a beak.  If you need my recipe for royal icing, click HERE.

It’s that simple.  Let them dry and you’re done!  Maximum cuteness with minimal effort.

I got so excited about this, I even had to try it on baby blue M&M’s.

I think these would be adorable tossed into Bridget’s Bunny Bait, but I wouldn’t recommend them if you need a lot.

You might be a little devastated when your flock of birdies disappears in a few handfuls.

Oh yeah, and the whole, “no cookies” thing was just a psych out.  Those are over on my friend Lisa’s blog, The Bearfoot Baker.  You didn’t really think I’d NOT do cookies did you?

I hope you have fun with these. If you like bluebirds as much as I do, you should definitely check out these sweet ideas:

 Hooray for spring!