Sock Monkey Cookies

You know the girl who starts a diet every Monday, because by Wednesday all great intentions have flown out the door?  Well, that girl is me.  I had tons and tons of great Halloween cookies to share, but since the last week didn’t go quite as planned, this will have to do until I regroup from my eventful vacation.  I hope y’all don’t mind! 

For the record, I AM NOT DEAD…I’m guessing y’all figured that out from the fact that I posted.  I was unwillingly disconnected for a week thanks to American Airlines…but that is a story that will require cookies to tell, so we’ll have to do that next week.

For now, lets make sock monkey cookies.  I’ve made lots of sock monkey face cookies, but I’ve kind of avoided the full body version.  After making these, I’m not sure why.  I guess I was a little afraid I would have a hard time getting all the detail on a smaller cookie, but luckily it worked out better than planned!

To make these, you will need:

  • Ivory piping and flood icing
  • brown twenty-second icing
  • black candy beads
  • red piping icing {you can thin the unused portion down for the mouth}
  • brown and clear sanding sugar mixed {I mixed equal portions of each cookie}

To begin, using a #3 tip outline and fill the hat, hands, and feet areas with ivory icing.  I used flood icing for the ivory portion of the face.

For the next step you have to work QUICKLY!  Use brown 20-second icing to fill the head area, and quickly drop in candy beads for eyes.  After the eyes are in, give the face a sprinkle of sanding sugar.  You’ll have to pretend I remembered to take a picture of the head after I applied sanding sugar.

Next, fill in the body with brown twenty-second icing, let it set a minute or two, then add sanding sugar.

Let the cookies dry overnight.  We’ll add finishing details the next day.

For some reason, I felt like the world would end if my monkey didn’t have a red poof on top of his hat.  I suppose I could have just added it to the tip of his hat, but I’ve never been one to do things the easy way.  So, to get the look I had in mind, I used my cool little shelf stacker to stand my monkeys up and pipe a little red poof on top of their hats. I used a #16 star tip.

I thought they looked pretty cute standing there peeking at me.  To finish up, I used red icing to add a few details.  I did the hat band by using a #2 tip to add a little zigzag where the colors met, and a #1.5 to add little stripes to the hands and feet.  Technically,  sock monkeys don’t have stripes there, but I like the color it adds.  I also thinned down the leftover red  {to about flooding consistency} to use for the mouth. 

After the mouth dried, I used a simple black food color marker for lips.

Easy breezy, and CUTE!

If you’re going to need this cutter, be sure to visit the Sock Monkey Company.  They graciously provided me with this cutter.  You can find it along  with just about any sock monkey item you can think of!  I like the party sets best.  TONS of great inspiration!

So, that’s that.  I am alive, and mostly well, minus the huge beef I now have with American Airlines.  And since I have had such terrible luck lately, Bernie and I have decided it might be best if I don’t step out of our house for at least three months {or as long as it takes for my unlucky streak to go away}.  The good news is, that will give me a lot of baking and decorating time, so be sure to come visit me!

Glad to be back!