Pinterest Cookie-d {Ombre Cookies}

This set wasn’t part of my original game plan, but after seeing my friend Glory’s cake, I had to make matching cookies.  So, here they are…

Making these was so ridiculously easy, I almost felt like I was cheating.

In a perfect world, I’d use an airbrush, but I don’t have one yet so I used the same Wilton sprays that I used for my autumn leaf cookies

To make ombre cookies, ouline and flood your cookies with white icing.  For tips on outlining and flooding, click HERE.

Let them dry completely, as in OVERNIGHT.

In the meantime, I made myself a paper guide to use so that all my sections would be even.

In this case, I want three shades on every cookie, so I broke it into thirds.

To begin, hold the can of airbrush spray a little away from the cookie, and give them a light mist of color.  Let them dry…

Next, using a sheet of paper and the guidelines, cover one third of the cookie and lightly mist the exposed area again.  Let that dry.

To finish, cover all but the top third of the cookie and spray it once more.

Let this dry and you’re finished.

Simple but striking…

I hope you are enjoying this series.  Be sure to visit my friend Ashleigh and check out her “Keep Calm” cookies.

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I may have a Pinterst problem myself.  I CANNOT stop PINNING!  Do you Pinterest?  What are your favorite trends?  Are you addicted as I am?